Apna Time Bhi Aayega 26th January 2021 Written Update: Birju tells Veer to keep Rani happy

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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Veer struggles to confess the truth to Rani

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Episode begins with Pinku introduces Veer to Birju. Veer goes to attend Rajeshwari’s call. She asks did he told the truth to Rani or not. He hesitates to speak. She says she won’t hear his excuses and scolds him for doing the thing she told him to do. He lies to her saying he stayed in near hotel because his car tyre punctured and says he will return soon. He shocks seeing Birju there and wonders how much he heard his talks. Birju says Veer should stay at least two days but he is talking about his return already. Rani says without completing the work they can’t return.

Dadi comes there and tells Rani and Veer to get ready to perform the rituals. Rani realises something and says she used all the water. Dadi asks then how Veer will bath now and scolds Rani. Birju looks at Rani and says there is solution for this problem and she understood why he is saying that.

Kiara says she won’t let Rani come between her and Veer. She shocks seeing Vikram in driver seat and asks what is he doing here. He says he is accompanying her because he also wants to do charity. Birju takes Veer near well. Veer asks how can he bath here. Birju says Veer doesn’t has any other choice and he has to bath to perform the rituals. Veer says water is dirty and asks how can he bath in front of everyone. Birju pours bucket water on Veer. Veer gets irritated and baths there.

Birju asks him about his and Rani’s marriage. He says he is closed to her so he deserves to know the truth. He says he won’t stay silent if Veer deceived Rani then. Vikram drives the car slowly and Kiara gets irritated and says even bicycle passing them and tells him to drive fast. He says they may end up in accident so he can’t drive fast. She says she has to reach Rani’s village today and if he continued this speed then they can’t reach
He says he is tired after driving the car and goes to take break. She tries to stop him but he ignores her. He thinks he won’t let her succeed in her plan and smirks.

Rajmata misses Rani, Veer and informs about it to Nanthini. Nanthini says She was wrong about Rani but now understood her true nature and praises her. She says she will videocall Rani. Dadi was teaching household chores. Rani misses Rajmata and gets happy seeing Nanthini’s call. Rajmata tells Rani to return soon and disconnects the call.

Rani hurts her hand by mistake and Veer scolds her for hurting herself. She says she is preparing pickle for Rajmata. He treats her wound. He talks about village people’s care, food and all and says this experience is new for him but not strange. She tells him to get ready for ritual. He decides to tell the truth to Rani after completing the ritual.

Episode ends.

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