Apna Time Bhi Aayega 26th February 2021 Written Update: Kiara stops Vikram from telling the truth to Veer

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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Veer struggles to confess the truth to Rani

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Episode begins with Veer waits for Rani and Rajeshwari smriks seeing his tensed face and he wonders where Rani went. Rajeshwari brings Rani’s books and says Rani wish to become engineer so she wants to keep these books because she heard books should be kept in saraswati puja. Rajmata praises Rajeshwari saying she cares about Rani so much. Veer thinks Rani should have called picked his call at least. Rajeshwari thinks Veer will go against Rani today and tells everyone to sit for puja.

Vikram comes there, Rajeshwari tells him to get ready for puja. He tries to talk to Veer and was about to tell him what happened yesterday but Kiara interrupts them. He wonders why she came here. Veer asks what is she doing here. She says she came to meet Rajeshwari. He scolds her and tells her to understand that nothing can happen between them but she is not understanding that and says Rani may feel uncomfortable seeing her here. She says she also has problems in her life and takes Vikram from there saying she wants to talk to him.

Vikram asks Kiara that why she stopped him. She asks how can he tell the truth to Veer and says this truth will spoil her life because her marriage stopped once already and cries. She says they are not accepting this marriage so why they should tell everyone about it and says everyone will badmouth about her only. He says he can’t ignore this issue easily. She says he is lawyer and asks him to find a solution for this problem and says if he tells the truth to anyone then she will commit suicide definitely and leaves from there. Guests asks about Rani. Veer thinks he didn’t expected this behavior from Rani. Rajeshwari tells Priest to start the puja. She thinks she won’t say anything to Rani but Veer will show the real place to Rani today. Guests says Rani disrespected God because puja kept for her only and asks about prasad.

Rani comes there and Rajeshwari says puja completed already and asks where she went and says she thought Rani is in the kitchen. Veer asks Rani that where she went without informing anyone. Rajeshwari asks her about prasad. Rani thinks Rajeshwari trapped her and wonders what she will answer now. Veer comes there with prasad and says prasad is ready. Rajeshwari wonders who prepared prasad. Rani thanks Veer in her mind. Veer recalls how he told the maid to prepare the prasad. He thinks there must be some reason behind Rani’s this behavior and he wants to know that reason.

Guests praises the prasad and says God will bless Rani definitely. Rajmata tells Kumud to stay in her limits. Kiara tries to talk to Rajeshwari but she avoids her. Veer tells Rani to not worry about anything now and gives pen to her. Rajeshwari gets irritated seeing that. He asks where she went now. She says she went meet the lawyer to discuss about Ramadheer’s case. Rajeshwari asks doesn’t she believe her and asks why she didn’t inform her.

Rajeshwari acts like she is hurt with Rani’s behavior and says seems like Rani didn’t accepted her yet. She thinks soon Rani has to leave the house because Veer can’t see her hurt. Veer tells Rani that she should have informed that she is going to meet lawyer. Vikram says now everything is fine and asks him to leave the matter. Rajmata and Dikvijay tells Rani to not worry about Ramadheer. Rajeshwari shocks seeing everyone’s reaction.

Vikram asks Rani that did she met Ramadheer. She says she didn’t met her father. Veer assures her that nothing will happen to Ramadheer. Rani thinks he is naive that’s why he is not able to see Rajeshwari’s truth. Veer asks Rajeshwari that how is she feeling now. Rajeshwari says she is fine. Rajmata asks her to eat. Rajeshwari says she will eat later. She thinks her plan flopped because Veer choosed Rani over her. Rajeshwari takes the pen Veer gave it to Rani and throws it in the store room saying she doesn’t deserve this gift. Rani sees that and finds the pen. She shocks seeing fire in the room and shouts for help. Veer tries to rescue her and everyone gets worried for them. Rajeshwari wonders how it happened.

Veer brings Rani out of the room. She asks him to save Ramadheer also like how he saved her now which pisses off Rajeshwari. He notices pen in Rani’s hand. Rani cries saying she will fight for Ramadheer and won’t back off. Veer promises her saying he will support her in this fight and now Rajeshwari is also with them.

Episode ends.

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