Apna Time Bhi Aayega 29th April 2021 Written Update: Rani learns that Veer made food for her

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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Veer struggles to confess the truth to Rani

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Episode begins with Veer promises to Rani saying that he won’t let her go away from him and he will resolve all of her problems but won’t let anyone harm her. He says to her that she wanted to tell something earlier and because of Kiara she could not be able to say anything. She says to him that seems like he won’t forget that. He says to her that he don’t want to forget that and no one is there except them so she can say now. She tries to say about her feelings. He asks her to not hesitate.

Vikram comes there and sits there. They shocks seeing Vikram. Vikram teases them saying that seems like they are enjoying their candle light dinner. Veer says to him that Vikram misunderstood them. Rani says to him that she was hungry so Veer asked Jai to make this food for her. Vikram says to her that it’s not made by Jai and reveals to her that Veer made all this. She gets surprised hearing him and smiles. Vikram praises Veer’s skills. Rani praises the food and Vikram teases Veer so Rani leaves from there. Vikram asks Veer to make his favorite dish tomorrow.

Veer scolds Vikram for interrupting him and Rani. Vikram teasingly smiles at him. Veer says to him that he was just talking about medicines to Rani. Vikram tells him to do something else also. Veer says to him that he promised to Ramadheer that he will take care of Rani so he was fulfilling his promise that’s it. He informs him that tomorrow he has to talk to Lawyer about Rajeshwari’s case and leaves from there.

Next day, Rani recalls the dinner moments and decides to fill her forehead and wears her nupital chain. She looks at herself in the mirror and says she is looking complete now. She realises that Kiara lost her memory and hides the nuptial chain. Kiara yells at Jai and Rani for coming late and threatens them saying that she will complain about them to Rajeshwari. Then she asks Veer to sit beside her.

While eating, Kiara notices Rani’s nuptial chain and forehead and asks about it to her. Jai wonders now what Veer will do. Kiara scolds Rani for wearing nuptial chain before marriage. Rani says to her that she liked the design so she weared this. Kiara lectures her about the importance of nuptial chain and vermillion and tells her to remove them.

Rani says to her that she will remove it later. Kiara tries to wipe but Rani stops her saying that she will remove it seeing the mirror. Kiara nods at her and asks her to wash her clothes. Jai smiles seeing everything. Kiara yells at him for smiling instead of doing work.

Later, Rani gets happy seeing the ocean and decides to wash Kiara’s clothes there. Veer talks to the Lawyer about Rajeshwari. He tells Vikram and Kiara to go to see the ocean first saying that he will join them later. Vikram and Kiara leaves from there. Veer wonders where Rani went now. Rani moves towards the ocean with Kiara’s clothes.

Episode ends.

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