Apna Time Bhi Aayega 2nd August 2021 Written Update: Ranvijay destroys the evidence

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 2nd August 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Veer reaches Rani’s college and finds Rajeshwari there and asks her that is she trying to spoil Rani’s studies. Rajeshwari tells him that he misunderstood her and she came for some work. College staff thanks her for giving donation this year too and takes her from there to introduce her to others. Veer goes to Rani’s class room but Rani is not there and wonders that where she went and thinks that what if Rajeshwari did something with her. Meanwhile Ranvijay makes Rani unconscious and drags her to the room and destroys the evidence.

Veer searches Rani in the college and calls her but no response from other side. Rani regains her consciousness and Ranvijay closes her mouth to prevent her from screaming and she could not see his face. Veer goes to upstairs and screams Rani’s name. Rani hears Veer’s screaming and makes noise to alert him. Veer hears that noise and breaks the door but finds no one there. Rani is laying in the cupboard in unconscious state and Ranvijay escapes from there.

Veer calls Rani again and notices that her mobile ringtone sound coming from the cupboard and asks her to not worry saying that he will open the door and opens it and shocks seeing her unconscious and takes her out and asks her to open her eyes and checks her pulse then splashes water on her face. She regains her consciousness and he gets relieved and picks her and leaves from there.

Jai asks Champa that why she didn’t inform him about the kitchen incident. She tells him that he is not her owner. He tells her that he would not have married Nanthini if he had an idea that she will spy on him always. She mocks him and disconnects the call. He thinks that he need to arrange money and for that he decides to send Nanthini to Rajavat mansion to get money for her new business.

On the other hand, Rani tells Veer that she is fine. He makes her lay on the bed and gives medicine to her. She asks him to not get angry because she is totally fine. He tells her that he need to talk to Rajeshwari and moves towards the door. She thinks that she need to stop him and fake coughs and he gets worried and gives water to her and asks her that why the latter stopping him. She tells him that she don’t want him to fight with Rajeshwari. He tells her that he can tolerate anything but can’t see her in pain and informs her that they are leaving the house.

Dikvijay notices that Ranvijay is not able to walk properly and asks him that what happened to him. Ranvijay lies that he went to the park for walking and there hurt his leg. Dikvijay tells him that he is leaving for Delhi and asks him to take rest.

Rani tells Veer that the culprit wanted to destroy the evidence that’s why that person attacked her today. He yells at her for talking nonsense and asks her to leave with him but she leaves the room. Ranvijay advices Veer to not yell at Rani. Veer hugs him. Rani calls her college friend and asks her about the CCTV footage. Rani’s friend tells her that she checked the CCTV footage and it’s Ranvijay who came to the college. Rani wonders that why Ranvijay came to college.

Episode ends.

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