Apna Time Bhi Aayega 3rd May 2021 Written Update: Veer decides to hide his leg injury from Rani

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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Veer struggles to confess the truth to Rani

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Episode begins with Rani gets surprised seeing Veer in Kiara’s room and asks him that what he wants. He asks her that if she is taking medicines on time. She nods at him and says to him that he asks about her medicines in every 30 minutes so she never forgets it. He tries to leave the room and stops hearing her voice. She notices his hand and asks what he has with him. He hesitates to show it to her but she sees the necklace. He says to her that he made it for her. She asks him to make her wear it and stands in front of the mirror.

Kiara gets ready to leave for spa. Champa throws dirty water at her deliberately as per Jai’s plan. Kiara yells at her. Champa apologize to her saying that she was just cleaning the floor and didn’t notice Kiara coming that way. Kiara returns to her room to change the dress. Jai smiles at Champa and thinks now Kiara will see Veer and Rani together.

Veer makes Rani wear that necklace ( Title song plays in the background ). He asks if she liked it. She says to him that it feels like a dream. He says to her that he also feels same. Kiara knocks the door. Rani says to Veer that Kiara should not see them together. Jai says to Kiara that door would have stucked and tries to open it. Rani tells Veer to escape through window.

Jai opens the door and Vikram stops Kiara from entering the room and asks her that what happened and why she is drenched. She informs him about what Champa did with her. Rani removes the necklace to hide it from Kiara. Kiara enters the room and asks Rani that why didn’t open the door and tells her to go out saying she has to change. Jai thinks today they escaped but not next time.

Rani thinks she can spend time with Veer once Kiara goes out and decides to make Veer’s favorite green tea for him. She smiles recalling what all he did for her. She goes to Veer’s room with green tea and notices the medicine box near him and questions him. He says to her that he is fine and just checking the expiry date of the medicines.

On the other hand, Vikram says to Kiara that it’s good she cancelled the spa appointment. She takes her selfies. He says to her that she takes selfies with everyone except him. She takes selfie with him and he smiles at her. She feels dizzy and informs about it to him. He brings water for her and tells her that they should return to resort. Vikram calls Veer to alert him. Veer decides to hide his leg injury from Rani. She notices his injury and scolds him for hiding it from her.

Jai calls Birju and says to him that Rani is busy with her household chores. He informs Champa that now this plan will work. Rani applies traditional ointment on Veer’s leg and blurts about her feelings.

Episode ends.

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