Apna Time Bhi Aayega 5th March 2021 Written Update: Veer regrets for lying to Rajeshwari

Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Veer and Rani’s romantic moment
Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Veer and Rani’s romantic moment

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Episode begins with Veer regrets for lying to Rajeshwari and says he has to make her believe that she is his priority and it won’t change ever. Veer goes to her room and tries to convince her but she doesn’t let him enter the room. He apologize to her and says he won’t repeat this mistake again and asks her to listen him once. Dikvijay asks her to listen Veer once saying he deserves to explain himself. She says she can’t get hurt more and closes the door. Rani thinks if Rajeshwari doesn’t forgive Veer then, he won’t forgive himself and Nanthini is also upset. Veer cries and pleads Rajeshwari to give him one chance to explain himself.

Rajeshwari says today Veer hurted her so much and says Nanthini is not his own sister that’s why he behaved like this in her matter and he even lied to her because he doesn’t care about them. Dikvijay scolds Rajeshwari and says Veer and Rani had a reason to lie to her and says they lied to protect Nanthini. She says he too knows that Veer did wrong so he too deserves punishment like Nanthini. He asks is she God to decide what is right and what is wrong and says she also once made mistake in her life and asks her to remember her mistake. She shocks hearing him.

Jay waits for Nanthini’s call but Champa calls him. She tells him everything which happened and says now he can’t enter the house. He says within 24 hours he will enter the house and Rajeshwari will welcome him. Nanthini recalls Rajeshwari’s punishment and breaks her things. Rani stops her but Nanthini yells at her saying she backstabbed her. Rani says Nanthini misunderstood her and says she said nothing to Rajeshwari.

Nanthini says only she and Veer knows the truth and Veer would not have said anything and just to become good in front of Rajeshwari she told everything to her. She says she made mistake by trusting her and insults her then throws her out of the room. Rajeshwari sees that and says soon Rani will become alone and everyone will hate her like Nanthini.

Veer recalls Rajeshwari’s words. Rani sees him and thinks he didn’t eat anything yet and wonders how to console him and asks him to eat something. He says she forced him to lie to Rajeshwari and now he is regretting for listening her. He says he is not able to face Rajeshwari now and  Rani is responsible for that and blames her for everything. She says she made mistake and apologize to him for that but he yells at her saying her apology won’t change anything now. He says it’s his mistake that he listened her. She decides to talk to Rajeshwari .

Next day, Veer leaves for hospital without having breakfast. Rani asks Rajeshwari that why she is punishing Veer and Nanthini. Rajeshwari says it’s her family and she can do whatever she want to do with them. Rani says it’s her family too. Rajeshwari tells her to save Ramadheer’s life first. Rani says she is going to meet her father today and also he will be released soon. Rajeshwari tells her that within one hour lunch time going to begin in jail and maybe someone mixed poison in Ramadheer’s food and asks her to save her father’s life first. Rani pleads her to leave Ramadheer and says she is ready to do whatever she wants her to do. Rajeshwari says this is what she wanted to see and tells her to go and save Ramadheer. Rani runs from there.

Rajeshwari calls Veer and says she is not feeling well and feels dizzy too. He gets panicked hearing her. She acts like fainting. Rani hears the noise and runs to Rajeshwari’s room. Rajeshwari regains her consciousness and says she is feeling better now and says Rani is here to take care of herself and tells him to go for surgery. Veer asks Rani to stay with Rajeshwari until he returns home, she says she has go to meet Ramadheer. He says he can’t take any risk and Rani agrees to stay with Rajeshwari. Rani understood that it’s Rajeshwari’s drama and asks why she is doing all this. Rajeshwari says just 30 minutes left for lunch time. She says if Rani has guts then she can tell everything to Veer and says she doesn’t have much time to save Ramadheer’s life.

Rani reaches jail and asks officers about Vijay and tells them to not let Ramadheer eat anything. Police yells at her and tells her to wait. She shatters learning that someone fainted. Veer reaches house and shocks seeing Rajeshwari’s condition and calls Rani. He gives water to Rajeshwari and says he brought medicine for her and wonders where Rani left. Rani gets relieved seeing Ramadheer and cries hugging him. He assures her saying he is fine and motivates her. She picks Veer’s call and he scolds her for leaving Rajeshwari alone. She says she had the reason to leave the house. He tells her to return as soon as possible. She learns that Rajeshwari lied to her to break her and Veer’s relationship.

Episode ends.

Precap – Veer and Rani fights with each other.

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