Apna Time Bhi Aayega 5th May 2021 Written Update: Jai informs Kiara that Birju is Rani’s husband

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Apna Time Bhi Aayega Spoiler: Veer struggles to confess the truth to Rani

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Episode begins with Rani thinks someone interrupts her whenever she tries to express her feelings to Veer and decides to confess her feelings to him no matter what and prays to God to help her. She tries to leave the room but Kiara stops her and asks what is she doing at this time. Kiara notices vermillion on Rani’s forehead and yells at her. Veer hears noise and informs about it to Vikram. Vikram says to him that he must have hallucinated Rani’s voice and tells him to sleep. They hears Kiara’s voice and moves towards her room.

Kiara asks Rani that why she keep applying vermillion on her forehead and threatens her to tell the truth. Veer asks what’s happening there. Kiara shows Rani’s forehead to him. Veer takes Rani’s side saying that let her do whatever she wants to do and Kiara can’t intefere in Rani’s life. Kiara says to him that Rani lying to her then what about that and she asks Rani to tell the truth. Veer says to her that Rani need not to answer Kiara because he brought Rani there so she is his responsibility. She asks him that how can he talk to her like this for maid.

He tries to say something but Rani stops him. Kiara leaves from there. Veer says to them that he can’t tolerate Rani’s insult anymore and decides to talk to Kiara’s Doctor. Doctor tells Veer that Kiara taking medicines now so they should wait. Veer thinks he can’t see all this. Rani says to him that it’s not anyone’s mistake but situation making them do all this and Kiara is absolutely right in her place because according to her she is an unmarried girl.

She tells him that she feels complete after applying vermillion on her forehead but she can’t tell all this to Kiara and asks him to understand the situation. He blames himself for her condition and says to her that he can’t do anything else than apologizing to her. He promises to her saying that he will tell the truth to Kiara soon. She tells him that Kiara’s health is her priority and he is with her so she is not facing any problem currently.

Next day, Champa gives burnt dress to Kiara. Kiara shocks seeing her dress’s condition. Champa provokes Kiara against Rani. Kiara lashes out at Rani for destroying her dress. Birju comes there and scolds Kiara and Veer. Kiara asks him that who is he. Birju asks Veer that why he is standing silently and says to him that he failed as a husband. Kiara faints. Rani scolds Birju for doing drama without knowing anything. He apologize to her and asks her that what’s happening. She tells everything to him. He feels bad for Kiara.

Veer says to Rani that Kiara is better now. Vikram gives juice to Kiara. Kiara asks Veer about Birju’s talks. Veer says to her that she imagined things because of stress. She asks him to tell the truth. Jai says to her that Birju is Rani’s husband and Birju was talking about himself. Everyone shocks hearing him except Kiara.

Episode ends.

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