Apna Time Bhi Aayega: Veer to beat up Jai in frustration

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Zee TV popular show Apna Time Bhi Aayega is ready to witness some interesting plots and dramas in the show. Earlier it’s seen that   Rajeshwari learned about Jai and Nandhini being the culprit while Dikvijay confronted Vikram. Now it will be seen that Veer will beat up Jai in frustration and will give money to the kidnappers.

Previously we have seen that, Jai was held captive by Veer and Birju. Jai asked for water while Veer treated him the same way Jai treated Rani. Dikvijay asked Kiara to say their marriage truth to Rajeshwari but Kiara said only about Jai and Nandini’s involvement in Rani’s kidnap. Birju and Veer shared their memories about Rani. Dikvijay confronted Vikram about hiding his marriage while Vikram pointed out about Dikvijay hiding his own truth. They indulged in an argument.

In the future episodes we will witness, Rajeshwari will lash out at Nandini for not revealing the truth to family and save Rani. Nandini will get upset. Jai will once again try to justify his action while Veer will beat him up recalling Jai beating Rani. Birju will stop Veer on time. Rajmata will ask Kiara to disguise as Rani for college admission as it will be the last day for signing up.

Kiara will get caught while Rajmata will ask for some time so that Rani can join herself. Rajeshwari will surrender herself to police and will ask Veer to save Rani. Veer will assure to save both her and Rani and will give the money to kidnapper. The kidnapper will demand for more money while Veer will beat him up. Vikram and Vijay will come to the spot and the kidnappers will run away. Veer will lash out at Vikram.

Will Veer manage to save Rani and Rajeshwari? Will Rani reach on time for her admission?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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