Appnapan 22nd June 2022 Written Update: Pallavi is shocked to meet Nick!

Appnapan 22nd June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ishan’s family greeting Nick. Nick says I came here yesterday for Barkha. Nick compliments their home. Nick gets lot of gifts. Ishan’s aunt gets surprised. Nick says I really didn’t like you came without eating, I thought to cook for you. Ishan’s dad says don’t say like that sometimes it happens. Aunt says you are famous chef right? Dad says you should open a restaurant here. Shanky helps Nick serve food and gifts. Aunt thinks how can Barkha’s dad show up just like that. Everyone likes the gifts. Pallavi and Barkha reach outside. Nick gets a call so he excuses himself. Nick goes and asks Mana if anything is urgent?

Pallavi and Barkha come with sweets. Aunt says Barkha’s dad already did a lot. Pallavi gets surprised. Everyone greets Pallavi. Ishan takes Barkha a bit away and says your dad is here. Pallavi sees the gifts and everything, and gets shocked. Ishan’s parents come with pandit ji. Mana sees it and is sure it’s a wedding. Mana says you are busy where? Nick says I will talk to you later. Mana gets upset and asks bua to hurry up and reach Nick. Bua says yes you are right.

Ishan’s mom calms Pallavi and they all decide to take pictures. Nick takes pictures with Barkha and Ishan. Pallavi is also called. Pallavi sees Nick and stops. Aunt keeps Pallavi next to Nick and they take pictures. Pallavi feels odd and angry. Nick and Pallavi remember how they got separated and the kids cried. Pallavi makes Barkha come next to Nick and she shifts. Pallavi takes a leave for washroom. Pallavi cries in the washroom. She remembers all of her past. Pallavi thinks for my kids I need to control my emotions. Pallavi is about to go and on the way sees Nick.

Pallavi shouts at Nick. Nick stops her from shouting and says we don’t need Ishan’s parents to know about our past. Pallavi says when I never came between your matters why did you come here? Nick says I had no fun in coming, I came because Barkha called me here to fix the things you ruined, you irritated me and now even Barkha got irritated as she had to handle you for 19 years, I wanted to take her but you didn’t let me. Nick goes out. Pallavi asks Barkha to leave. Barkha says but everything just got sorted. Ishan’s dad says now you guys see our treatment come eat with us.

In the dinning table, Nick asks Ishan’s family about their customs list. Pallavi says we believe in simple rituals Ishan’s aunt says but our family belives in huge wedding functions. Pallavi says functions can happen in Saikripa restaurant, I can arrange everything. Nick is about to say something but Barkha stops her. Aunt says you can arrange everything in 7 days? As pandit ji said that is best day. Pallavi says yes. Ishan says we can split the bill of everything. Aunt says you wait Ishan.

Later, Pallavi rushes with Barkha. Nick comes behind them. Nick says I just wanted to inform I am going to USA. Nick leaves. Barkha and Pallavi leave. At home, Pallavi scolds Nani for giving the numbers. Gagan says I only asked Barkha to call and gave the number. Barkha says I want my dad, you hid this thing. Pallavi says you don’t know what you are saying. Barkha says I want my dad, he takes so much of efforts for me today, I want to stay with him and not with you, I am sure he would have got fed up by you like I have. Ranveer comes too and watches. Pallavi slaps Barkha and says you don’t know anything.

At night, Barkha vents out with Ranveer. Ranveer says calm down he is leaving. Pallavi says his ego won today and he showed me down, he is famous and he has a big ego, he will go back to the USA and forget about all this, he wanted to make me feel low infront of my kids. Ranveer says you hate him so much, with so much hate you can never forget him. Pallavi says I will get a chance too. In the hotel room, Shanky asks Nick to be careful as Nandita came here looking for you with Mana. Shanky says don’t go back. Nick says Pallavi is already angry so I don’t want any other issue. Shanky says but you can’t leave before the wedding. Nick says I will make the arrangements. Nick messages Barkha from Shanky’s phone to meet. Pallavi comes to Barkha’s room and finds her missing. She sees the message and goes to Nick.

Nick says why are you here? Pallavi says you called Barkha? Nick says yes but why are you here? What will others think? Pallavi says Barkha is my daughter why did you come here? Nick says Barkha needed me. Pallavi says you wanted to show me down infront of my kids. Nick says Barkha is my daughter too, so you do whatever you want. Pallavi says okay I will also call in the USA. Nick is shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nandita comes and makes a scene with Pallavi she tries to show her money to her. Pallavi gets upset. Mana and Gagan have a fight over Nick being their father. Mana says negative for Gagan when Nick stops her.

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