Appnapan 23rd June 2022 Written Update: Mana meets her mom, Pallavi!

Appnapan 23rd June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Barkha getting money and letter from Nick saying Pallavi will not let me do anything for your marriage so I am sending you money. Barkha and Nani hide it. Gagan asks what are they hiding just then Pallavi comes. So they divert the topic. Pallavi asks Barkha to choose anyone between her and Nick. Barkha gets emotional.

Here, Pallavi is cooking food for a party where Badal is helping her when Pallavi says my daughter loves dahi vada. Badal says Barkha doesn’t like it. Pallavi gets reminded of Mana. Mana is in the same party and enjoys dahi vada. Mana informs Nick about being in a party. Nick says how can you go to some place unknown. Mana says don’t worry dad, it’s all okay atleast I am telling you unlike you who hid his marriage from me. Shanky asks Nick to calm down. Nick is furious and reaches the place.

Gagan is with a girl and convinces her to gate crash the party as his mom is catering and is busy. They get into a fight physically when Nick comes and slaps him. Nick says is this what your parents taught you? Gagan says if dad would have been there then na. Nick looks on. Nick goes inside the party and everyone recognises him.

Pallavi misses to see him. Nick looks for Mana. Finally he sees Mana drinking and goes to her. Nick says Mana let’s leave. Mana says why are you caring for me like a dad? Is it because of your marriage? Let’s meet your girlfriend. Nick says who told you all this? It’s all nonsense, I am not getting married. Nandita also comes here and questions Nick. Mana misbehaves with Nick. Nick drags her with him. Mana leaves to get more drinks. Pallavi rushes and does work when she sees a wine bottle break and it’s Mana. Mana shares how no one cares for me. Mana gets huet and Pallavi helps her.

Mana asks why parents bring us to the world? Mana shares her worry of her father. Pallavi gives water to Mana. Mana says I want wine. Pallavi says drink this, if you were my daughter I would have slapped you. Mana drinks the water. Mana feels a connection with Pallavi. Pallavi watches Mana enjoy dahi vada. Nick enjoys Dahi Vada and remembers his moments with Pallavi. They get romantic in past. Nick gets out of his dreams.

The host introduces Pallavi as the chef of the event. Nandita sees her and Pallavi gets shocked. The host shows Nandita as her best friend. Nandita taunts Pallavi while she gets surprised seeing Nick. Nick goes to them. Nandita makes Nick and Pallavi meet each other. Pallavi is about to go when Nandita says you should take a tip. Nandita gives a dollar and makes her realise the value of it. Nick tries to stop her but Nandita doesnt. Pallavi calls Shambu and says he assisted me so this tip goes to her. Pallavi leaves.

Nick gets upset with Nandita to make a scene. They go to find Mana. In another party, Gagan introduces himself to everyone as Nick’s son. A girl thinks he is lying so she announces in the party about it. Gagan exaggerates about his garments. The girl taunts Gagan. Mana comes and hears this. Mana gets angry and says you are a liar. Mana says your mom is getting married to my dad? Mana goes.

Gagan follows her. Nick watches Pallavi in kitchen. Nick goes to her. Nick apologies on behalf of Nandita. Pallavi shares how he did everything for a reason and it was so humiliating for me, Nandita did it infront of everyone, why did you enter my life? Nick says you can never come out of past. Nick hears Mana and goes out. Mana says to Nandita that Nick has a son too. Nick tries to stop her but Mana says you are doing a drama. Pallavi comes and Gagan calls her mom. Nick says mom? Mana says you are his mom?

 Welcome to our family, I am Nick’s daughter. Pallavi gets emotional. Mana calls her the mistress. Nick tries to stop her. Pallavi says you are taking it all wrong. Mana says so tell me everything, who are you? Pallavi shouts at her so Mana says how dare you. Pallavi says I am your mother.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nandita calls Pallavi selfish. Mana comes to Pallavi and tries to spend time with her.

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