Appnapan 3rd August 2022 Written Update: Pallavi feels guilty for her actions!

Appnapan 3rd August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pallavi getting shocked to see the articles. Nandita says Nick wants to fight with honesty but here you are. Nandita says so many restaurants of Nick will shut down and the employees will go hungry, you have ruined so many lives and specially the career and reputation of Nick, you hired that bad lawyer to take this revenge? Pallavi thinks I don’t know why everyone is blaming me. Pallavi says I didn’t do. Nandita says you selected the best day as Media is coming here today. Pallavi says I am not behind this, trust me. Nandita says I know you are behind this. Pallavi goes inside.

Ranveer follows Rastogi till the car and says you just come here to tell Nick you will fight for us? Rastogi says just like that. Pallavi comes and says you used our words wrongly and did this? Rastogi says I didn’t do this. Ranveer is also shocked to see the news. Pallavi says how can you do this? Rastogi says I didn’t do this. Pallavi says don’t fight for us in custody. Rastogi makes hid assistant call the article person and he says they found out about the news from their research. Pallavi and Ranveer stand shocked. Rastogi is in the car and thanks the newspaper person. He says to give more updates. Rastogi says this time I want to take down someone’s ego. Rastogi thinks about the defaming done by Nick.

Harsh gets angry when Nandita informs him this. Nandita fills hatred against Pallavi. Harsh gets more angry and says she has ruined so much and till now she is doing, I will go to cafe and take revenge. Nandita asks Harsh to come fast. Harsh says yes. Here, Nani is drying clothes when neighbours come and taunts her. Nani gets upset and asks them to mind their own work. She says I will go to temple and come.

The lady asks how long can I control someone’s tongue. She sings. Harsh taunts the ladies, and asks them to meet Pallavi and Nick, don’t trouble Nani. He says mom, dad and Ranveer uncle will be at the café today, there is food mela, go there, you will get entertainment and also food for free. The ladies decide to go there. Harsh comes downstairs. Nani says the ladies will create troubles there. Harsh says chill Nani, I will drop you to the temple and then go to the café, don’t worry, I will handle them. He thinks mom see what you invited in your life.

Barkha says this didn’t happen right. She asks Gagan to see. Manna says articles got published against dad, its about you, Badal, that dad hired you as head chef, you are underage. Pallavi cries and says its my mistake, I spoke about Nick, but my answers weren’t such, if lawyer isn’t involved, then its someone from Nick’s team, I have to fix this. Lalita hugs her.

The media covers the food mela. Shanky says Nick, you can do it. Nick says sorry, I m not well, so I won’t speak much, I hope the media supports me even today. Reporter asks Nick about the news. They question Nick about hiring an underaged person, his son in the café, why. Nandita looks on. Reporter says you and your family always stay in headlines. Shanky says no more questions on old matters. Reporter asks who makes a 17 year old son work. They ask Nick to answer.

The locality ladies come there and smile. Shanky thinks why did Pallavi’s neighbors come here. Rastogi messages the reporters to not leave Nick. He says Nick’s reputation will be ruined. Nick says we have come here for food mela, I think your question should be in that context. Reporter jokes on his family drama. Pallavi comes and says I will answer.

She says you can ask Nick about the food mela, I will answer personal questions. Manna asks what are you doing here. Harsh says I m not interested in seeing the drama here. He asks Badal why isn’t he wearing the chef costume. Manna says you know what happened. Gagan says I m fed up of these dramas, I think dad should go back to US, but with all of us, Badal is mumma’s good boy, he can stay back, I m going to stay with dad, with Harsh, I don’t want to live third class life here. He asks Harsh to stay as brother. He says I will work hard for Nick J brand. Harsh hugs him. He says smart decision, good one, stop being middle class. They all go inside to see.

Reporter asks Pallavi to speak up. They ask her if is she okay to make her underaged child work, its wrong. Pallavi makes the reporter understand how a parent will never use their own children similarly Nick had no such intention. Nick is surprised and thinks Pallavi is supporting me.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nick says how Pallavi is alone and she took care of children and parents. Later, Nick sees Ranveer and Pallavi together and feels upset.

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