Appnapan 9th August 2022 Written Update: Barkha and Gagan leave Pallavi!

Appnapan 9th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gagan blaming Ranveer for being the reason for their problems and how his love for Pallavi is just becoming a problem for all. Ranveer says you all are so selfish that you always think of yourself, have you ever think how Pallavi has always kept you all above her things, she has never made you all feel emptiness for a dad? Still you all have blamed her. Ranveer asks Pallavi to come let’s leave. Pallavi says I won’t go and leave Harsh alone this time.

Ranveer helps Pallavi get up. They go outside and Pallavi sits down. Barkha says how can Harsh do this now where will we go? Ranveer says I will arrange something. Gagan says why will you care? Gagan blames Pallavi for always putting them in trouble. Gagan says we should have stayed with dad only atleast we would have got something, even in the court case I will go with dad. Pallavi says I thought my kids will understand. Nani says that was your mistake to think they will understand, they are just after money and will not see your efforts.

Here, Mana cries and asks Harsh why did he take away the family again from her, she was enjoying with the family and got one after so long. Harsh says you are naive so you didn’t understand it’s all fake, you don’t know Pallavi so well, I just saved you. Mana says it’s not like that. Harsh says you will realise soon. Here, Gagan says today you are saying to live here tomorrow at streets life is so uncertain with Pallavi. Gagan says I am going. Gagan takes his bag and leaves. Pallavi fears and panicks, she says Gagan will leave. Pallavi gets up and starts running to chase Gagan who is on bike. Pallavi calls for him.

Here, Barkha says I am also leaving. Nani says don’t she will die. Barkha says if I will stay then I will die. Mana comes and tried to stop her and says Pallavi needs us. Barkha says I don’t know that. Barkha leaves. Ranveer asks Nani to stay with Pallavi while he will go look after kids. Mana cries and says I will also stop Barkha. Harsh comes and says Nani why are you out? Come inside. Nani slaps him and says I will not leave Pallavi’s side, she loves you so much and you did this with her, now you only live here alone. Pallavi gets hurt on feet so Gagan helps her pull the glass out and asks her to go back. Pallavi asks him to come. Gagan says I will not but you go. Pallavi cries while Gagan leaves.

Here, Gagan tries to call Nick but he is driving. Nick says I think we came on the wrong way. Nandita enjoys and pretends to faint. Badal worries. Nick asks Badal not to let Nandita close her eyes. Badal tries to hit her and wake her up. Nandita suffers but thinks now the plan must be completed.

Here, Pallavi returns and asks for Barkha. Nani is unable to tell her so Harsh informs her how his revenge is complete and he won as all her kids left her today and she must be feeling as alone as he felt. Pallavi is devastated and cries. Harsh smirks.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nani asks Mana about Barkha but no one knows about her. Barkha is shown to be with Sid. Here, Pallavi decides to wait in mandir till the time her kids return.

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