Archana Gautam reignites TV vs non-TV debate in Bigg Boss.

By Anil Merani| If there is one theme abounding Bigg Boss apart from tried and tested relationships, it is TV vs non-TV.

We saw yet another facet last night when Archana   Gautam ridiculed Sumbul Touqeer Khan and Tina Datta as just TV actors and tried to elevate herself as a film star both in Hindi and the south.

 Tina fired back by laughing at Archana’s film’s meager Box Office collections.

 Sumbul also dared Archana to find out her mass appeal once out. Tina added that since Sumbul has survived multiple nominations, she is a well-known name.

 This TV vs non-TV divide irks the latter as they feel left out of the public love.

 Interestingly, Sajid, a film personality, had started his career with TV, so he should be more accommodating of the small screen actors ‘ feelings. But by calling them TV stars. He is, in a way, ridiculing them.

Film actors ( Archana and  Soundarya  Sharma) feel that TV actors have a better advantage as Bigg Boss is a TV format.

The audiences are very fair. They have already voted out TV actor Sreejita De not regarding her up to the mark.

This time apart from Sajid Khan, there is no famous non-TV name, while TV biggies like Tina, Sumbul, Gautam Vig and Shalin Bhanot fill the canvas.

 Beauty pageant winner Manya Singh, who too got voted out, had her fair share of run-ins with the tube crowd, saying “I am a beauty contest winner, and you’re just a TV actor.”