Arijit to get Yug released on bail with a hidden motive: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

In the episodes it is seen Aaliya ask Karan to tell lawyer and everyone that Yug didn’t did anything. Karan instead of supporting Yug makes a statement against Yug. He tells to everyone that when he reaches the spot he found Yug standing near Mishra’s dead body. Ishita worries for Yug and later her health worsens’.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Aliya will berate Karan for speaking ill about Yug. Otherside, Arijit will meet Mrs. Mishra and will once again plan against Yug and Bhalla’s. Further, Yug will get bail too.

Advocate will come to discuss about Yug’s case at Bhalla house, Aaliya will ask her to come inside her room and when Ishita will ask her to talk along with family members, she will taunt Karan. Later, Arijit will get Yug released on bail.  Aliya will berate Karan for doubting the Yug. Here, Mrs Mishra will come to the hospital and Arijit will meet her and after meeting Mrs Mishra, Arijit will decide to use her as his trump card.

What next will happen in the show will be interesting to watch.

Do Ishita and Raman will learn Arijit helped Yug to get out form the jail? Do Ishita will find Arijit’s motive behind helping Yug? Do Yug will able to prove he is innocent? What will be Arijit’s next move against Yug and Bhalla’s? For all the answers, don’t miss watching Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, mon-fri on Star Plus.

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