Arjun Bijlani is extremely worried for his mom

The national lockdown is not easy for any of us. Specially if you have elderly parents at home. That is exactly what is happening with Arjun Bijlani’s mother Shakti Bijlani. Arjun’s mother and his younger brother are currently staying in Arjun’s Malad flat. And the area where they are residing in is sealed and Arjun is extremely anxious for his mom.

When asked he says,”We have never faced such a problem in our life. It’s unbelievable that we are not being able to meet our parents though we are not far from each other. My mother and brother are currently alone and my mother is diabetic. She also has back issues but still she is doing household chores because we are all having to manage on our own. Recently when I was talking to her I got tears in my eyes listening to how much she was doing. I feel helpless and restless at times. But I don’t how to help her because we can’t go out. But I am extremely positive that we all will fight together and emerge as a winner.” How you have taken lockdown personally? “

I am very good at adapting. During my struggling days I used to face every grim situation with lots of positivity. I am a workaholic but right now completely out of work. But I am looking at it as a solution to Corona. I am worried about people who have not taken this positively. Just one message to them – be strong and stay positive.” Arjun’s mother lives in Interface heights, the same building which is currently sealed in Malad as one case was positive in one of the wings!