Arjun Bijlani: You have to just understand that it’s a game!

You can love him, you can hate him but you can’t ignore him! Well, that is Siddharth Shukla for you on Bigg Boss 13, says actor Arjun Bijlani. The latter has known Siddharth for a long time and says that underneath all the aggression, what he is known for in the show, he is actually a really nice guy.

“I know Siddharth for a long time and he’s a nice guy. He’s just the way he is. I mean he is chilled out, he doesn’t have anything against anyone. I think he’s played the game very smartly, which is a good thing. I think he’s one of the deserving contestants, for sure. I am sure he will win,” he says.

Other than Siddharth, Arjun has a few other favourite contestants as well. “I think Rashmi or Siddharth or Asim for that matter might win too. I think Asim is really cool. Everyone had their ups and downs, but I love how he is on the show. Shehnaaz is sweet. I mean whatever I know of her and when I met her, I found her really sweet. I like Rashami as well, she is playing the game really well,” he says.

This season is clearly the best the show has had so far, says Arjun. “I think people have loved this season as a lot of crazy things have happened in the house. Some of them are really, really crazy. Some of them are really nice as well.

I personally don’t know whether hitting each other should be allowed on national television because I don’t know what kind of message you’re sending to the next set of contestants who are going to come. I hope nobody kills each other! People love watching the show. And as far as I am concerned, I personally have gone inside the house, and when I went in, it was all good,” he says.

Arjun says that it’s wrong to judge who is wrong or right in a fight in the show as the atmosphere inside the house is different. “I don’t blame anybody. You have to just understand that it’s a game. It’s a situation which you’re put into, and you behave according to that situation. But people outside judge you, which I don’t think is right. I think that a lot of people who you may think are nice may not be that nice.

Otherwise, also, you can’t judge people with what you see on national television only. There are a lot of people who you might think are bad or are being impolite. But they are doing this because of a particular situation,” he says.