Arnav and Khushi’s this funny scene you can’t afford to miss: Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Arnav and Khushi used to share a bitter-sweet relationship. Anrav hates Khushi and Khushi too scares his ‘what the’. Still the duos funny scenes make us laugh a little loud. So today we are taking you down to the memory lane of one of the funniest ARSHI scene where at the end Arnav Khushi ended up sharing the bed for the first time.

The scene goes like this:

Raizada’s discuss about New Year where Arnav and Khushi learned that at 12 whom face they see they have to spend the whole life with him/her. The duos decided not to come face to face to each other. But their try went in vain after Arnav accidentally left his mobile in Khushi’s room. He goes to take her mobile. Meanwhile, Khushi thinks payal is sleeping and asks her to wake up as clock is all set to strike 12. She gets excited to welcome the NEW YEAR. Arnav stands behind and thinks to take his mobile and leave. But before he could Khushi excitedly switches ON the light and wishes Happy New Year thinking payal. Khushi gets stunned seeing Arnav.

Khushi than non-stop speaks and says he with full attitude was saying that she will enter his house by any means but when she resisted herself from doing that than he is here. Anrav tries to stop Khushi but when she speaks continuously than he closes her mouth with his hand. He discloses that because Akash wanted to surprise Payal thus he is here. Khushi relaxes and gets happy.

Other side, NK comes with the flowers to wish Khushi New Year. Madhumati opens the door and NK gets shocked. He tries to escape but Madhu drags him inside. There, Khushi hears Madhu’s voice and pushes Arnav inside the room as he was about to leave. Arnav says what the. Khushi says to him that not what the. But her aunt has wake up and she will do drama if she will not find Payal. She asks Arnav not to leave the room till she comes back. Arnav agrees.

Later on, scene turns hilarious when Khushi gets tensed thinking her aunt is awake. She asks Arnav to leave. Anrav about to leave but Madhumati calls for Khushi and asks her to open the door. Khushi pleads Arnav to stay back. Arnav says he don’t care what Madhumati thinks. Khushi drags Arnav inside and asks him to lie on the bed. Aranv asks her if she has gone mad. He accidently falls on the bed and Khushi covers him with the quilt.

Madhumati enters the room and Khushi somehow manages to convince her that Payal is asleep. Madhumati than makes Khushi to lie down beside Arnav thinking Payal. Arshi feels uncomfortable and the duos expression cracked us.

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