Arnav’s romantic trap for Khushi in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

We are back with another romantic moment of your favorite couple Arnav and Khushi. Last, we made you to relive Arnav’s kiss challenge for Khushi. And how she completed the challenge.

Now today we will make you to relive another romantic moment of ARSHI. So without wasting more time, let’s check how Arnav trapped Khushi.

After Arnav’s misunderstanding towards Khushi get cleared and he learned that she is innocent and was trapped by Shyam, Arnav fall for Khushi. Meanwhile, Khushi distances herself from Arnav and avoid him.

Khushi’s ignorance made Arnav restless and he challenges to her once again. He says to her that she will come running to him and will hug him. Khushi says nothing like that will happen and he will lose. Arnav accepts the challenge.

The same day Raizada’s goes out from the house for satsang. Khushi thinks Anjali won’t like her presence and stays back at the house. Arnav too don’t accompany Raizada’s because of his meeting. He asks Khushi to come along with him but Khushi said no to him. Later, Khushi was busy with her work at the house and suddenly feels someone’s presence. Light fluctuates and she gets scared. Suddenly, Khushi spots Arnav and runs towards him. She hugs him tightly.

Arnav consoles her and asks her to calm down. He further, makes Khushi recall what he said. He says he said she will come running to him. Meanwhile, Khushi sees roses on the floor and gets to know that Arnav deliberately scared her. She punches him and Arnav hugs her tightly. Arnav wins the challenge. He was about to get close to her but gets interrupted by the family. Anjali misunderstands Arnav and gets angrier with him. Khushi too leave Arnav alone.

Ahead, Arnav goes to meet Anjali and explains to him that Khushi is his life and he can’t live without her. Anjali gets happy and accepts Khushi. Arnav goes to Khushi and adores her while she sleeps.

This ARSHI moment was cute and no doubt these moments made Arnav and Khushi to gain instant popularity worldwide.

Even now fans crave for Arnav and Khushi to come back on their screen.

If you too ARSHI fan than tells us your favorite Arnav and Khushi Moment.

Starring Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani in the lead show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon is loved nationally and internationally.

The shows plot was such that Barun’s character Arnav Singh Raizada accidentally bumped into Sanaya’s character Khushi during a fashion show. The angry yet sexy gaze of Arnav made Khushi to lose her control and she slipped into his arms. The hate-love saga starts from there.

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