As Bigg Boss enters the exciting finale week, housemates are grilled thoroughly by RJ’s

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Bigg Boss 14 has entered the finale week making the housemates extremely competitive. At this crucial time, Bigg Boss decides to grill the housemates and to do so, calls in some of the top RJ’s of India. But before that can begin, there is Rakhi Sawant with her antics to regale the audiences!

Rakhi in her fun and quirky way, writes an e-mail to God, pleading to make her the winner or at least a runner-up. Her monologue is hilarious as it seems that she is entirely convinced that God has heard her plea and is in complete agreement too!

Keeping up the excitement, RJ Salil Acharya asks Rahul Vaidya about his reaction when Nikki gave him the immunity to which he explains to be confused about their relationship at that point. Next, Salil asks Nikki whether she was shocked to see Rakhi enter the room? While Nikki does not agree, Rakhi believes she was taken aback. In between all these roastings, the house echoes with the soothing voice of Rahul as he dedicates a song to his rival Rubina leaving Nikki all jealous. Where Rahul uplifts her mood by singing for her too, Aly warns Rahul that his fiancée will not be too pleased with this!

As the show goes on, RJ Ginnie Mahajan asks Rubina about the one thing she regrets, to which Rubina refers to the Panchayat task that created a rift between her and Jasmin. And when Rakhi is asked who has given her the most grief in life, she points at Rubina. Next in line is Aly, who is asked about the housemate, who would not be in the finale, and he names Rakhi who is pretty displeased by his response and is all determined now to be in the finale and oust Aly!

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