Author Ronnessa Brown helps thousands of women leverage what they love & build brands on social media.

Ronnessa ‘Ronne’ Brown, the Founder and CEO of Girl CEO Inc made her dreams a reality with hard work and determination. Her journey sheds light on what never giving up actually means.

Ronne Brown is one of those women who faced the obstacles of life and emerged as a winner. She broke the stereotypes and is now a best selling author and highly successful entrepreneur.

She was born and raised in Washington DC where she currently resides running her Girl CEO Empire. She was a teen mom who struggled to make ends meet for her family and battled the harsh rejections that come with the corporate world. She refused to succumb to the naysayers who told her she would fail, so in 2009 when she was fired from her job, she decided it was time to make a change.

Author Ronnessa Brown helps thousands of women leverage what they love & build brands on social media.

She decided to begin her entrepreneurial career and started her own makeup business.The odds were against her to find any financial backing so she chose to use social media as her primary and only medium to reach her audience. Soon after, her business began to grow and she saw results with little to no advertising budget. She realized social media was the perfect platform to reach a larger audience and produce the capital she had been looking to gain. She then realized that her makeup business was just the beginning for her success journey.

Ronne has always had a passion for helping women achieve their goals and changing their future and now she had a way to reach more women than she ever imagined. She then began her journey to creating what we know today as Girl CEO Inc. which has helped coach hundreds of women and inspired thousands all over the globe.

During her journey, Ronne also wrote her book “From Mopping Floors To Making Millions on Instagram” which is an easy-to-follow guide with real-life case studies that Ronne has used to coach online marketers all over the world. The book also reveals the secrets behind her personal brand, which generated over $500k in revenue within its first year selling beauty and lifestyle products online.

Over the last 10 years, Ronne has utilized social media to spread awareness to her brand and her vision. She has been an inspiration to women of all ages and is continually sharing her knowledge with those who surround her to help them change their lives as well.
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