Ayan decides to unveil Krishna: RadhaKrishn

Popular mythological show RadhaKrishn is currently witnessing Krishn telling Radha the story of Laxmi Narayan.

Radha waits for Krishna to complete the story meanwhile, Chitra comes and ask for shelter from Vrishbhan.
Vrishbhan asks who is she. She says her name is Chitra and she was traveling on a holy pilgrimage to Jagannath mandir, she got tired walking and wants to rest for some time in this village.

Ayan says he is seeing a woman for the first time without any jewelry. Chitra explains she did a big sin, so she is going on pilgrimage as repentance and thus she is not wearing any jewelry.

Further, Chitra says she doesn’t want to show her face to anyone before finishing her pilgrimage. Ayan thinks Krishna tries to meet Radha always disguised. Radha also thinks Krishna came disguised.

Radha thinks Chitra is Krishn and ask her to continue the story. Chitra starts telling Radha the story of King and Queen and later, Radha comes to know that Chitra is Krishn friend.

Ahead Krishna disguise, as Govind and enters Barsana to continue his story. Govind goes to meet Radha and continues his story.

Now in the upcoming episode will see Ayan will doubt on Govind and will learn that Krishn came to meet Radha, as Govind.

When Ayan suspects that Krishna is in disguise, he decides to unveil Krishna’s true form. Another side, Kans will plan a trap for Radha.

How Krishna will save Radha from Kans will be interesting to watch. Do Ayan will be able to unveil Krishna, well to know more keep watching Radhakrishn mon-sat on Star Bharat.

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