Baarish 10th April 2020 Written Update: Anuj and Gauravi confesses their love to eachother

Baarish 10th April 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Anuj reads newspaper and Gauravi helps him with words.  Anuj praises her saying Angel who came to teach English. Rishi says he saw property for his hotel work and want to open with Anuj name. Anuj says I will do arrangements but why with my name. Rishi says he is lucky. Anuj agrees and asks him to make Gauravi as 50% partner. Rishi hides his frustration.


Gauravi calls Aniket and asks him to take better care of Shreya. Anuj listens their convo and says thank you and leaves to Pune for their new branch. Gauravi applies ointment on his wounds and send him. Aniket says we have to pay the house emi, don’t know what to do mom. Shreya gives her money and ask him to pay it. Aniket denies it but his mom ask him to take it as a loan. Shreya leaves placing the money.

At workplace Gauravi waits for Anuj call. Arzoo teases her. Aniket thanks Shreya for supporting him. Shreya asks him to shift with her to new house for their space. Aniket denies. Shreya asks him to understand her because she is suffocating here. Aniket returns her money and reminds her that she is the one who always want their marriage. Shreya throws money and leaves.

Anuj calls Gauravi but he disconnected it after 2ringsm Gauravi calls him and asks why he called her. Anuj says by mistake and than they talks with eachother than Anuj money with accident. Here Gauravi gets scared and informs Saurabh about accident.

Gauravi moves to hospital with Saurabh and Zeenia. Gauravi notices Anuj in wheel chair and runs towards him hurriedly in tears and hugs him. Saurabh and Zeenia smiles seeing them. Anuj smiles. Doctor informs them that they can discharge Anuj after tests reports. Zenia takes Saurabh with her leaving Gauravi with Anuj.

Anuj  and Gauravi confesses their love for eachother. Gauravi informs him that he is her world. Anuj says you complete me. Gauravi replies you complete me too. Both smiles.

At night Drunk Shreya dashes Aniket brother bike. His Bhabhi creates scene. Aniket asks them to move upstairs so they can talk. Shreya uses bad words and to stop her Aniket raise his hand. Shreya says Rishi is right about you and you just used me and your sister enjoying our fortune. Rishi says why my sister is involved in this matter, you forced me to marry you so please stop this drama. His mom asks Aniket and Shreya to come inside. Aniket leaves saying he never wants to see her face. Shreya calls some travel agency.

Padmini asks Anuj to never go to any place without driver. Anuj feels uncomfortable while eating so Gauravi feeds him. Rishi feels angry seeing them. Shreya sends video message to Anuj and informs him that she won’t blame anyone for her marriage problems because it’s her decision and so she is leaving to Dubai and asks them to not contact her. Padmini cries. everyone looks shocked.