Baarish 16th April 2020 Written Update: Anuj gets arrested because of fire accident at Rishi restaurant

Baarish 16th April 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Anuj feeds food to Padmini. Padmini says you can’t change Shreya  and Aniket destiny but you should think about your life and she asks him to bring Gauravi back home. Anuj smiles saying yes.

Asmi notices call from Anuj and she gives the Mobile to Gauravi. She asks is everything fine. End of the call she informs to Aniket and Asmi that he call her for meeting. Aniket and Asmi feels excited and helps Gauravi to get ready. Anuj excitedly gets ready but surprised seeing the Shreya. Gauravi waits for Anuj at their favourite hangout place.

Shreya talks with Padmini and Rishi. Anuj says I have work so I’m going to finish it but Shreya stops him and says thanks brother , I had no idea that you would be separated from Gauravi for my happiness, you really proved you’re best brother and hugs him. Shreya asks him where are going. Anuj says I will be back soon and goes to meet Gauravi.

 Anuj says sorry for the late and informs Gauravi that Shreya is back, I called you here because it’s been long and we must take decision, j can’t tolerate this separation. Gauravi says did you tell Shreya that you’re coming to meet me? Anuj says silent. Gauravi says when you couldn’t tell her that you’re coming here to meet me than how will you tell her that you want me back in your life?

I didn’t decide to get separated from you because you don’t want me in your life, I know you want me back but I don’t want to come between you and your family, I told you previously I never want you to face the situation where you have to choose me or your family, I’m not angry with you and I can’t see you in worry because I!!! She stops it and leaves to home in tears. Aniket and Asmi supports her. Anuj and Gauravi cries at their places reminscing their moments.

Anuj informs his girlfriend that Anuj is getting soften towards Gauravi again Shreya can stops for sometime only. His girlfriend shows him the news where he sees that his restaurant caught fire.

Saurabh shouts on Anuj for hesitating to talk with his wife and their is no question of giving up. Anuj says but Shreya. Saurabh says she is your sister so she have to understand so stop thinking about others and think about yourself, call Gauravi immediately because she is the best thing happened to you.

Anuj says ok and calls Gauravi and talks confusingly and their conversation gets halted because of police entry. Police arrests Anuj saying their Wadala restaurant is built on illegal land got fire. Gauravi listens their convo on phone and gets baffled.