Baarish 17th April 2020 Written Update: Rishi and Shreya backstabs Anuj, Gauravi gets arrested for Anuj

Baarish 17th April 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with panicked Gauravi informs Anuj is arrested to family and she asks Aniket to talk with his friend from police station to get the info. At police station Police says these days people will do these type of things to expand their business. Anuj says this property belongs to his brother asks for their permission to contact Rishi. Inspector agrees. Rishi informs his gf that he is fleeing from the country with Shreya. She asks him to switch off his mobile.


Lawyer asks where is Rishi, we can get bail based on his statement because he is the one who dealed the restaurant. Saurabh says his phone is switched off. Police says Anuj must be lockup until he gets bail. Anuj asks Saurabh to take care of Padmini. Gauravi reaches to station assures Anuj that they will find solution to get him out. Anuj smiles holding her hands.

Gauravi says I have an idea to get Anuj out. Later Anuj signs the papers and moves out from jail, at home he asks about Gauravi. Her mom says she is at home. Anuj asks about Rishi. Saurabh informs that Rishi and Shreya  flee from the country and he gets shocked knowing Rishi accused him for fire accident on media statement. Padmini informs that you’re out from jail because Gauravi took the blame and went to jail.

Anuj gets emotional and goes to jail to meet Gauravi. Anuj asks why. Gauravi says because I trust you and you can never do anything bad. Anuj asks why again again. Gauravi says because I love you and I can do anything for you. Anuj says I love you too and I will get you release from police station.

Anuj gets Saurabh call, Anuj asks Saurabh to use their all connections and money to get out of this case. Saurabh informs him that is impossible because Shreya and Rishi changed every property on their name and they have not left anything, it’s all over. Anuj says  today I got my partner and love, she is everything to me, so feel happy for me. Anuj assures Gauravi that he will get her out from police custody very soon. Both hugs eachother

Lawyer says So many lawyers in city but I got this case and I don’t want to lose it. Gauravi says why don’t you tell this to person who you want me to put the blame on? Lawyer says I didn’t get it. Gauravi says will you leave without meeting that person. Lawyers says who. Anuj enters. Gauravi says you’re defense lawyer right than meet Anuj Mehta and she asks Anuj to meet the lawyer who wants her to put the blame on you.

Lawyer says I’m tired of both of you while convincing and he asks Anuj to handle Gauravi. Anuj says why are you so stubborn Gauravi and he asks Lawyer to get her out from jail. Lawyer says it’s tough to solve this case, only you can decide whose love will win. Anuj and Gauravi looks at eachother with love. Constable takes Gauravi with her.