Baarish 1st April 2020 Written Update: Gauravi is ready to marry Anuj

Baarish 1st April 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Gauravi who agrees  to Anuj’s marriage proposal, later Anuj drop Gauravi to her home. Then Aniket comes and asks Gauravi, is everything fine, Why Anuj came here. Gauravi then tells Aniket along with her family that she is ready to marry Anuj. Everyone gets happy with Gauravi’s decision. On the other hand Anuj calls his mother and tells her that I and Gauravi is ready to get married as she is agree with my proposal. Anuj’s mother’s heart filles with happiness, she couldn’t believe Anuj’s words so she again ask Anuj, are you sure what you was saying is truth. Anuj says, of course Maa, why will I lie to you in this kind of important matter.

Anuj’s mother then calls Sherya and tells her this good new. Sherya get excited after listening this, she then goes from there and calls Aniket and asks him to react on her instagram status. Aniket wants to tease her so he says, I can’t react on your status as I am stuck in a mess. Sherya asks him, what kind of mess? Aniket says, I had an affair with another woman so how can I deal with that trouble now, you tell me. Then he sent a picture of a buffalo to Sherya and tells her that she is the one whom  I had affair with. Sherya then tells him, you deserve only this and don’t try to tease me again otherwise I will kill you. Then Anuj says leave it is enough, now I go, I have a little less, you also go and sleep.

Meanwhile Rishi is upset with Anuj decisions, he says that, you both are innocent and can’t able to understand that Gauravi and Aniket are gold diggers who only wants to grab are money that’s it. Anuj says, your problem is you think that you are the only one who is smart here. But I tell you one thing Gauravi is not a gold digger, Nor is she marrying me for money. So stop accusing her, it doesn’t suits you. And she is very sensible, educated and a classic women, in short I don’t want to listens any other bad words about her and this is my last warning to you. In morning every one is ready for Roka while Anuj and his family is also arrives for Roka function. Ahead the function has started, Aniket and Sherya enjoys there Roka function fully while Anuj and Gauravi is feeling shy.

On the other hand Rishi is frustrated, he tells Falguni that, mota bhai is such a fool man, he fought with me because of a down market sales girl and now he want to marry her. Falguni console him and says, Anuj only deserves a third grade girl, don’t spoil your mood because of him.Later at morning Gauravi comes at her work place suddenly everyone starts calling her Madam. Gauravi then tells them that don’t call me madam and don’t give me any special treatment. Later shop’s  manager came and ask her that you can do your work in the cabin. Gauravi says, I don’t need. Later manager calls Anuj and tells him that Gauravi mam don’t want any special treatment. Anuj says, well then okay. Then Anuj thinks that his decision is right as Gauravi is nice girl.

Further, Anuj comes to Gauravi and asks her to buy a ring from Mehta diamonds. Gauravi says, I can’t afford a ring here. Then Anuj bring Gauravi to another shop so she can buy a ring in affordable price. This make Gauravi happy. And she feels that, it seems a right decision to marry Anuj as Anuj understands  her very much (Episode end)