Baarish 26th March 2020 Written Update: Gauravi wants to meet Anuj.

Baarish 26th March 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Gauravi, who fights her sister because she always wants to play Instagram and never pays attention to her studies. Here her mother comes and asks her, whose umbrella is this, not from our house. Gauravi then remembers the man who helps her today in this inclement weather and this brings a pleasant smile to her face.

Later in the morning Gauravi arrives at her shop where she works. She asks the sales girl about the shop manager. But he does not come today. So she tells the girl Gauravi to go to the head office. Gauravi says, well, there i also have another job.

The girl asks her what is your job? Gauravi tells her that, there is a boy Anuj, who gave me his umbrella yesterday, so I need to return him. Then the girl teases her as a boy helps her during the rainy days, she thinks that Anuj and Gauravi share some romantic moments but Gauravi tells her to stop dreaming as there is a lot of work pending. And i have no place for such things as well.

Here Anuj’s mother asks him to eat food first and then do your job. But Anuj says. No, I have to finish my work first. Then his mother has asked him, why didn’t you enjoy the party yesterday. You got out of there too quickly.

Anuj tells her that this party and all is not for me, as first i need to pay attention to the career of my siblings. His mother then asks him why don’t you think about your life first. Because it’s your age to get married and have some kid. Anuj avoids this and says let it be.

On the other hand Sherya comes at gym, her friends asks her about her dress that she wears last night. She tells them that she bought that dress from France. And then she went from there for her training. While her trainer tells her to now come tomorrow because you’re late. So i can’t give you training now. Sherya later scolds him for teasing her as she is his girlfriend.

There Gauravi comes to the head office to meet his boss and give an umbrella back to Anuj. She then asks about Anuj from the watchman . The watchman tells her that I don’t know which Anuj you are talking about. Therefore, you put this umbrella here.

I’ll give it to him later. Then it starts raining again so Gauravi leaves in a hurry without meeting Anuj. Later Sherya and Aniket aka his trainer are roaming. While Anuj sees the two of them together and he gets confused. Late at night Sherya comes at her house and Anuj asks her where are you come from. She tells him that i am coming from my kick boxing class.

Anuj says, okay and what about your friends, how they are. Sherya tell him everyone is fine brother know i am feeling very tired so i am going to sleep. After Sherya goes from there Anuj asks from driver about that boys name who drops Sherya here. Driver tells him that his name is Aniket.

Later Gauravi asks Aniket about his girlfriend, he tells her that she is from rich family so there is nothing i can tell you about her as we have no future. Gauravi tells him, don’t worry one day you will get her. Further, Aniket calls Sherya and tells her that lets break up as this is not possible in between us.

But Sherya console him that we will manage. Then in next morning Gauravi’s manager accusing her for losting one lakh necklace. While Rishi Mehata Anuj’s brother is the one who takes necklace from her to gift his new dealers. But manager tells Gauravi that, if you don’t find the nacklace. Then you will pay for it. (Episode end)