Baarish 27th March 2020 Written Update: Gauravi gets to know that Anuj is the owner of Mehata diamonds company.

Baarish 27th March 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode begins with Gauravi who asks her lawyer to leave, as it is already too late.  But her lawyer has refused to go and says, I want to hear your story  right now.  Gauravi tells him that it is a long story that cannot be completed in half an hour.  Lawyer says, this is fine for me, so now tell me your story.  Gauravi then goes into a flashback. And tells her lawyer what happened next.

Here then Gauravi is upset as because of Rishi Due to his stupidity, she will have to pay the debt of loss of lakhs. Then she sits in a cab to reach at her home and after a while she sees a Mount Mary Church and ask her cab man to stop the car as she wants to take off.

And then she goes to her head office and asks watchman that she wants to meet Rishi as she needs his signature otherwise her job will go away, watchman asks her do you have appointment, she says, no i don’t have it but this is very urgent for me. Please let me go. Later Rishi came, Gauravi sees him and ask  him to give her his signature as he take a necklace from her but Rishi refuses it and says, i don’t know which necklace are you talking about.

Later when Gauravi completels her one part of story her lawyer ask her do you know how much can be affect your reputation by this case. Gauravi says i know, But people who have lost their family members in that fire. They are more affected than me. That’s why i feel very hurt to see them in pain.

Then her lawyer asks her that If you know that they have suffered a lot, then you must also know that you can be punished a lot. Gauravi says, yeah i know, that’s why i want to protect my husband from it. Her lawyer then says that, I want your husband to be considerate of you too. At least he can come to the police station for you.

Gauravi then says. It’s okay if he is not here today. Because before this he always there for me. And then Gauravi tell him the other part of story. Here Gauravi is suffering from strom whileas there Anuj come and asks her what happened to you. Why you look so upset. She then tells Anuj that my senior fired me from my job without my misteks. Anuj console her and says, it’s okay i will help you. And then duo comes to Rishi.

Gauravi says to Anuj that you go first and talk to him i will come later. Anuj has agreed. Then he tells Rishi to give that girl your signature as i know that she is a pure lady who will never done something wrong to our company. And i know that you took necklace from her. So sign on invoice. Later Rishi has signed the papers.

Further Gauravi thank him. And after a while, someone comes towards then and wants to take a photo with Anuj as he is a owner of big diamond company and this will make their hotel reputation higher. That’s how Gauravi gots to know that a man who is the owner of Mehata diamond company wear simple clothes, and has no ego and anger issues. And he has helped me without showing his money and power.

Later Aniket calls Sherya and break-up with her as he can’t take forward this relationship because he belongs to a middle-class family  not able to compete with Mehta’s. So it’s better we end it here. Sherya feels sad and starts drinking liquor in pain  .

Later she comes at her house in drunk state and makes a scenes there. While on the other hand Gauravi’s mother appreciate Anuj’s help. And tells Gauravi that tomorrow i has arranged your blind date so go and meet that boy. While there Anuj got Aniket’s biodata from his friends and calls Aniket to meet him tomorrow morning.

Later in morning Gauravi meets that boy for arrange marriage purpose but she don’t likes that boy very much so she refuses to marry him. Meanwhile Aniket and Anuj also meet, Anuj tells Aniket that he loves his sister alot and can’t see her in pain but still i won’t let marry you two very easily as i want a nice man for Sherya, therefore you have to prove yourself. But Aniket tells him that i never think about marry Sherya as I have the responsibility of my family and sister, who i cannot marry without completing. And Aniket leaves from there. (Episode end)