Baarish 30th March 2020 Written Update: We are not ideal for each other

Baarish 30th March 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Gauravi parents who ask her why don’t you want marry Anuj he is such a nice guy  then  what is the problem. Gauravi says, he is a nice guy i know that. But we are from two different world. And also his status is higher then us we can’t match with them.

Here Devyani come, she is Gauravi’s elders brother’s wife and Gauravi’s sister-in-law. Devyani asks Gauravi to marry Anuj as he is a millionaire and he will take care all of us. And your brother’s burden will be reduced a little, therefore think about it before taking any decision. Aniket then says, i think, you care about Mehta’s money not Gauravi’s marriage.

Devyani tells him that I am thinking about the welfare of everyone still you have problems. Both starts fighting and started blaming each other. Gauravi then stops them. And says, i need some time to think about it. We will talk about it later as we all need to go for our work first.

Further Gauravi asks Aniket to don’t spoil your mood in this kind of conversations. Aniket also tell her that, you do not have to take any decision under pressure. Whatever decision you will take, I am with you so don’t worry. Gauravi says, okay, and then she leaves for her work.

On the other hand, Anuj is sitting with his friends and tells them that he cannot marry Gauravi as she is very educated and speaks English whereas I am illiterate, I do not deserve her.  Jinaya says, so what, if you cannot speak English, you are a gentleman, no one can resist you. 

Here Gauravi and her mother are talking with each other.  Gauravi tells her that ours and their way of life are very different, so I agree with this marriage. Later Anuj calls Gauravi and ask her to meet him. Gauravi asks him, where. Anuj tells her that you come at Italian restaurant i am waiting for you there.

After a while Gauravi arrives at restaurant while Anuj is waiting for her. Later Anuj ask Gauravi to order something as he can’t read English and whole menu is in English. Gaurvi orders food which can’t satisfied Anuj appetite as restaurant people provides them very little food. Then they both leave from there to eat vadapav.

Ahead , Gauravi tells him that i can’t marry you as we have no similarities. While both have a same taste both likes to drink tea with less milk and sugar. Both likes to eat vadapav but still they think they have no similarities and their marriage will not be a ideal one. (Episode end).