Baarish 31st March 2020 Written Update: Anuj scolds Rishi for his misbehavior

Baarish 31st March 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Aniket who comes at his house, while Asmi tells him to close your eyes as I have something special for you. Later Sherya comes in Sari and Aniket opens his eyes and gets suprised by seeing Sherya in India attire. Shreya asks him how I’m looking . Aniket then says you look very pretty.


Here Gauravi is also arrives at her home. Sherya gets excited after seeing her and ask her, did you say yes to mota bhai for marriage. Gauravi says nothing, Sherya then senses that Gauravi is not saying anything. This means that she has refused to get marry with Anuj. Sherya become upset and leaves from Aniket’s house.

Later Asmi scolds Gauravi as she takes a selfish decision by refusing this marriage . Gauravi mother tells Asmi to stop shouting on Gauravi as she is your elder sister and you should respect her. Gauravi says, don’t worry mother, she is worried about Aniket that’s why she is scolding me. Aniket says she only worried about her instagram feed. Gauravi ask him, you tell about yourself , are not you upset, Aniket tells her that I am very clear about this from day one, so there is nothing which make me sad or upset.

On the other side Sherya is talking with Rishi, while Anuj came and asks her how she is. Sherya says, what do you think, of course I’m feeling bad, but what difference does it make to you as you has already refused to marry Gauravi and she leaves from there in frustration. Later Rishi tells Anuj to don’t worry I will introduce rich and classic men to Sherya in tomorrow Pariwaar Divas function.

After a while Gauravi calls Anuj and asks about Sherya. Anuj says, she is still very upset but don’t worry she will be fine after a while. he then ask Gauravi to come at his family function along with her family. Gauravi says okay i will come. Later in morning Gauravi and her family visit at Mehta’s party while Sherya is not happy by seeing them, she later taunts Gauravi by saying that thank you for ruined my life. Rishi is also comes there and insulting Gauravi’s family he says you guys are gold diggers who wanted to trap my siblings but your bad luck that your plan has failed.

Anuj sees Rishi is insulting Gauravi he comes as a saviour of Gauravi and scolds Rishi for his bad behaviour. Rishi says, you can’t insults me for these third class people but before that Anuj replies to Rishi, Gauravi stop him and says it doesn’t look good if two brothers fight in family function so it’s better we leave from here. And Gauravi leaves from there with her family while Rishi is upset from his brother.

After a while Anuj’s mother tells Anuj whatever happened is very bad, we will go to Gauravi’s house at night and apologize to her. She is also tells Anuj you could not bear the insult of Gauravi and scolds your own brother for her. This bond is exactly like a marriage couple therefore you need to think again about marriage. Later Anuj comes at Gauravi’s house and propose her for marriage as we are compatible for each others so we are ideal for marriage and we can spend our life happily.(Episode end)