Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 28th November 2023 Written Update: Vaibhav’s crooked plan for Vijay

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 28th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with the conversation between Kunal and Vandana about the health of Tara. Kunal gets afraid with the thoughts of Tara. As the doctor asks him to keep Tara happy always, but Tara mostly gets happiness with the accompaniment of Vandana. He fears if Vandana would go far or they would return in London, Tara will be alone again. He feels very bad for Tara, who has given all the love to her elders but didn’t get the proper assertion and care from the elders. But Vandana explains when she will get all her deserving love, she won’t repent anymore, but this is not the time to leave Tara alone, so she will be there for her.

After getting back the sense, Tara asks Vandana to stay beside her, and not leave her. Vandana affectionately kisses her and promises she wouldn’t go anywhere leaving Tara alone. In the corner of the cabin, Kunal seems very upset and depressed as he failed to take care of Tara, when she needed the most. But Tara calls Kunal to come to her, though Kunal hesitates, but Vandana helps him to get out of his overburdened thinking. Tara shows the respect to her father which makes him very humble. The doctor asks Kunal to take care of Tara in a very detail routine.

Vandana takes care of the child in a very holistic way. Taking Tara in her lap, she braids her hair and shares her own childhood memories when Atya used to take care of her hair. Tara seems very curious about the childhood of Vandana. In the mean time, Kunal comes there with the all medicines and other stuffs. Tara seems very joyful to be with her Vandu Mimi and father. She expresses her happiness to be with them and says if she would have known that her illness will bring them together, she will fall before hand. Kunal understands the emotional attachment of Tara with Vandana.

ThouMeanwhile Vandana wants to go outside for some external works and asks the permission from Tara. Though Tara feels upset, but Kunal promises that Vandana will return soon. Tara will climb on her father’s soldier out of her joy.

Vaibhav makes Anagha afraid with a devil look. Anagha and Hemant are the ones who threatened the life of Vijay, but they failed. Anagha wants to make Vijay ill, so that Vandana will be in a dangerous situation. But Vaibhav assures that he will make another chances. Later, they will keep opened the wheel of the chair of Vijay, which will cause a accident. When Vijay is about to fall, Vandana saves him and asks him to be cautious.

In the evening, all the family members celebrate the arrival of Tara from the hospital. Simi will the fake affection to Tara.

Episode ends.

Precap : Vandana and Kunal both will try to make Tara happy.

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