Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 30th November 2023 Written Update: Kunal gets the custody of Tara

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 30th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with the court scene where everyone waits for declaration of the judge about Tara’s custody. Not able to finding out Tara in the court room, looks for her. Suddenly, she notices that Vandana brings Tara with her. Coming into the cabin, the judge starts the case. Both Kunal and Soniya want the custody of Tara to themselves, but sooner their conversation turns into a squabble. The chaos makes Tara very uncomfortable and afraid. The judge asks Tara what she wants, to whom she prefers to live with. Vandana asks Tara not to be afraid of anyone and brings Tara to the judge.


On the question of the na judge, Tara declares that she wants to live with Tara which makes everyone surprised. Kunal and Vandana both get emotional losing the accompaniment of Tara. After the lunch break, Tara is again asked the same question, but this time, Tara changes the answer and confirms that she wants to live with Vandana. Her words make everyone surprised. Soniya gets offended with the words of Tara. But the judge interferes that she heard everything from Tara in the lunch break.

Tara is asked to tell of everything whatever she has told in the lunch break. Tara describes that she was told in the last night to utter the name of Soniya whenever she will be asked about the custody. Pammi and Soniya both manipulated Tara so that Soniya would get the custody of Tara. Tara felt pressurized. The judge becomes the sympathetic towards Tara and lets her live to with Kunal. She also lashes her out Soniya as she tried to wash the brain of Soniya.

After adjournment of the court, Soniya couldn’t able to control her wrath and insults Vanadana from snatching her child from her life. But Kunal interferes that he will not let Soniya to misbehave with Tara and Vandana. Soniya will threat Kunal that she wouldn’t let live Kunal in a peaceful life and curses her. But Indranil drags Soniya towards the home. Kunal couldn’t able to hold his tears as he gets the custody of Tara.
Returning in the house, Kunal lashes Pammi out as she tried to manipulate. But Pammi comes out to be the rose and pretends to be the innocent. But Kunal assumes all her conspiracy.

Soniya couldn’t able to control her wrath, more importantly she couldn’t able to digest that Kunal might go into another relationship and feels immensely jealous. Indranil calms her down but he realises she still feels for Kunal. Later, she will threat Kunal that she won’t to let him live peacefully.

Episode ends.

Precap : Vandana will be proposed to marry Kunal which makes her immensely confused.

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