Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si: Kuldeep’s conspiracy to stop Vanadana’s marriage?

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Star Plus TV show, “Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si” will be showing a interesting plot twistnin the coming episode. Vanadana will accuse Vaibhav for attempting murder against her father. Police will arrest him for the crime. She will show a video as a proof against his crime. On the other hand Pummy will try to manipulate Kuldeep, to ensure that the marriage is not happening.


In the current episode, Vedika, Guneet and Bobby comes to Vijay with the marriage proposal. But Vijay denies to accept that. He says that he already had enough with Malhotra’s and now they are tring his daughter. He says that Kunal wants to marry Vandana for the shake of Tara and there will be nothing in between Kunal and Vandana ever.

Kunal is marrying her as a permanent governess for his daughter. Vijay says he is already decided and he cleary sees their arrogance in the proposal. Hemant tries to change Vijay’s mind but he is already determind not to accept the proposal. So, Vedika puts a chain of her mother on Vandana’s neck and blessed her as an elder sister.

Kuldeep on the otherside is unaware of wedding ceremony. Pummy informs her. He gets furious and asks her to keep him updated and promised that he will do anything to stop the marriage. He look very determind.

In the next episode, Mrunal will ask Vanadana to set free Vaibhav from the jail and Vanadana will try to remind her that he had tried to their father. Mrunal will say that she does care about Vijay, so Vanadana will slap her. Vanadana will through away Mrunal’s luggage outside and will asks her to leave the house immediately.
Mrunal will warn Vanadana to destroy her dream to live a peaceful life with Kunal.

Vanadana will be stuck in the tag of war between Vijay and Kuldeep. Pummy will help make it harder for her.