Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si: Kunal to forbid Vandana to meet Tara?

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Star Plus TV show “Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si” will arrange a new drama, Vandana will arrange a secret meeting with Soniya so that the latter could meet her child Tara. Getting her daughter between her arms, Soniya will ask Tara whether her father is treating her properly. But Vandana will forbid her to do so. Kunal will insult both Soniya and Vandana as they both try to show their right on Tara. He will take her away from the both.


In today’s episode, Soniya apologies to Vandana, as she asked her to meet, and for that Kunal insulted her vehemently. Vandana simplifies the facts that Kunal has been going through a lot, and shows the sympathy for Kunal.

The supportive words towards Kunal makes Soniya doubtful and tries to assume whether she has any feelings for Kunal. Vandana accuses Sonaiya who didn’t identity the true characteristics of Kunal. Kunal asks Vandana to keep stay away from Tara, a emotional connection could grow between them.

Before leaving of Vandana, Tara asks her to stop and runs to hug her. But Vandana stands like a rock and doesn’t reply to her words.

Anagha washes her own son’s brain, so they could make Vijay agree to sell the house. Following the words of his mother, Shivam goes to his grandfather, and asks him to do so. But surprisingly Shivan forbids his grandfather to sell the house, and shows his emotions for this house.

In the next episode, Indranil will give a assumption to Sonaiya that a relationship is growing between Kunal and Vandana. Atya will ask Vandana to rethink the relationship with Kunal.

In the programme of Diwali, Vandana and Kunal will perform together. Indranil and Soniya will attend the programme and Soniya will get the confirmation about the attachment between Kunal and Vandana.

Will Vandana marry Kunal?

All the the questions will be answered in the next episodes, so, yess, keep watching Keh Doon Tumhe for more interesting updates!

It will be interesting to watch, could Vanadana fulfill her own dream following her passion? Keep following this space for more updates on your favourite shows.