Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si: Would Kunal cancel his marriage with Vandu?

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Star Plus TV show “Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si” will be going to show an interesting plot twist. Tara, daughter of Kunal will say that she wants to stay with her mother Soniya which will make surprised Kunal. Soniya couldn’t able to accept that Kunal might have any relationship with anyone else. On the other hand, Kunal will want the permanent custody of Tara and will approach Vandana to marry him.

In the current episode, The news makes the members of Malhotra house immensely surprised. Vedika gets very happy as Kunal has decided to accept Vandana as his would be wife. But the news doesn’t make happy Pammi. She empathetically tells Kunal not to marry Vandana, otherwise Kuldeep will discard Kunal from his life, but he wouldn’t accept Vandana as his daughter in law. Later, she will insult Vandana vehemently and firmly decides she would stop this marriage.

On the other hand, Vandana’s decision doesn’t make happy Vijay. She explains Vijay the reason behind the decision of her and says that she doesn’t want any love from Kunal, she just wants to be the mother of Tara. Vijay says that if Vandana would marry Kunal, he will leave all the relationship with Vandana.

In the next episode, Vaibhav will insult Vandana as she has accepted the proposal of Kunal. The evils will seem very happy Vijay gets angry on Vandana. Pammi will offer her some money to cancel the marriage, but Vandana will fight for her decision.

Would Vandana accept the proposal of Kunal! Would she marry him!

All the the questions will be answered in the next episodes, so, yess, keep watching Keh Doon Tumhe for more interesting updates!

It will be interesting to watch, could Vanadana fulfill her own dream following her passion? Keep following this space for more updates on your favourite shows.