Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si:Would Soniya able to meet her daughter!

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Star Plus TV show “Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si” will arrange a new drama, Vandana will arrange a secret meeting with Soniya so that the latter could meet her child Tara. Getting her daughter between her arms, Soniya will ask Tara whether her father is treating her properly. But Vandana will forbid her to do so. Kunal will insult both Soniya and Vandana as they both try to show their right on Tara. He will take her away from the both.


In today’s episode, Pammi suggests Vedika to bring a beautiful girl for Kunal, so that he could marry the girl and will live his life happily. Pammi wants to remarry rather than accepting Tara as his daughter. Vandana takes Tara to Soniya for the meeting. She secretly meets Sonia so that she could visit Tara. Seeing Tara she gets overwhelmed. Soniya askd Tara repeatedly she is alright in the house of Kunal, whether Kunal is behaving well with her. Vandana forbids her to do so. As this interrogation will make Tara uncomfortable and uneasy. She reminds that these repeated questions will make a fear in the heart of Tara. In this meantime, Kunal appears there and rebukes them both. He also warns Soniya that she couldn’t meet Tara anymore. Though, Soniya and Vandana try to gather up the facts that Soniya has the right to meet her daughter, but Kunal will not let this happen.

In the next episode, Soniya will charge Vandana why Kunal has changed so much. Vandana will say that may be Soniya misunderstood Kunal, may be he was good and kind hearted man, Soniya made him supressed.

Would Soniya get her daughter’s Custody?

All the the questions will be answered in the next episodes, so, yess, keep watching Keh Doon Tumhe for more interesting updates!

It will be interesting to watch, could Vanadana fulfill her own dream following her passion? Keep following this space for more updates on your favourite shows.