Badall Pe Paon Hain 10th June 2024 Written Update: Balwinder threatens Bani

Badal Pe Paon Hain 10th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with the voice over of Bani. She shares about her dream. She has to work hard to fulfill her dream. Meanwhile, Bani’s father is sleeping. Someone is knocking on the door. He asks his wife to open the door. She opens the window to check. She is shocked to see few people are waiting outside. She always her husband. Bani’s sister threatens them that Bani won’t leave them if they try to steal something from their house. Bani says that she already came. Her mom opens the door. Bani asks her how is this bed? She says that it’s good. She says that it’s their bed. She managed to place the bed inside her house. She says to her sister that she was struggling to sleep on the floor. She brought this bed for her. She makes sure that her sister is comfortable in that bed. Her mom asks Bani how did she brought it. Bani says that she brought it for her sister. She recalls the way she worked in a wedding function. The owner praised her work. She gives her salary to Bani. Bani says that a note is missing in it. She says that she broke one plate. She asks Bani to clean the dog poop. She denied it. She offers money to her but she denied it. She noticed an old bed there.

Bani request her to give that old bed to her instead of throwing out. She gives the money to her. Later, Bani’s mom says to her that she wish to slap her and hug her at the same time. Bani hugs her. Her husband says that there is no place in this house to walk. They says that it’s comfortable to sit. Bani says that she can dream a lot while sitting on this bed. Bani placed her brother photo in the bed. He asks her to remove the photo. Bani says that he has the rights in this house like Bani and Mannat. He didn’t call them once after he went to London. She recalls the way he promised to take care of the family responsibilities before going to London. He assures to work hard for his family. Bani’s mom finds a lottery ticket from her trunk. Her mom scolds her for hiding the lottery ticket from them. She says to her that she is always working hard for money. Everyone will mention her as greedy. Bani says that she doesn’t care about it.

Bani says that she is working hard for her family. She doesn’t care about other’s opinion about her. Her father hides seeing Balwinder. He alerts his family. They closed the door and window. Balwinder threatens to break the door. Bani opens it. He demands them to return the money. Bani says to him that dad isn’t here. They will pay his money first. He threatens them and leaves. Her father leg gets hurt. She gives first aid to him. Bani dreams about winning a lottery. The next day, Bani is working in the retired army man house. He is busy in checking the stock market. He narrated to her about it. Her father calls her to clean the office. She will get 800rs. She rushes to the office. She is surprised by the interior of it. She learns from her father about stock market. Bani got her salary and excuses her dad. She noticed a competition going on there. She is surprised to hear the prize amount is 2k. She is determined to win it.

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Precap; Mannat falls sick

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