Badall Pe Paon Hain 11th June 2024 Written Update: Baani wants to invest

Badall Pe Paon Hain 11th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Baani walks in the college and starts running. Everyone claps for Baani because she successfully cross the ring of fire. A boy claps and appreciate Baani for the performance. Baani thanks everyone. Baani has awarded and she has been if she wants to win the competition then she can kiss that handsome boy but why she has taken the risk. Baani tells them that she have taken the risk for her mother and she chooses another option then she will feel insult infront of her family. Baani thanks them and walk away.

Lajo tells Baani to give 2000 to Balwant but Baani tells Lajo that she will invest 2000 in share market. Lajo tells Baani that there are lots of risk in share market. Baani tells Lajo that risk is everywhere.

Baani tries to convince to invest the money in the share. Baani tells uncle to invest the money but the uncle tells Baani that first you should have to do lots of research. Baani tells the uncle that she trust him and convince him to invest. Baani finds her mother in the terrace. Baani’s mother tells Baani that she has come to check the network because she didn’t recieve any calls from her son Jerry.

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