Bade Acche Lagte Hain 2: Pihu vs Vedika; with whom will Ram do the aarti?

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An unexpected twist in Sony’s Bade Achche Lagte Hain. Viewers were all set for Ram, Pihu, and Priya to reunite, but it seems like the makers had some other plans.


Earlier, we saw Nandini failing to keep Pihu away from Ram. Ram got to know about Pihu being her daughter and they reunited. With this defeat, Nandini was seen enraged and was looking for any possibility of defaming Priya. To increase trouble for Priya, Nandini was seen puling a dangerous stunt of making Pihu go away from Priya and suggesting Ram to keep Pihu to himself. Nandini will definitely try to throw more challenges on Priya.

In today’s episode, Nandini pretends to be happy with Pihu. Priya and Nandini have a fight when they are alone, they fight regarding Ram and Pihu. Later, Vedika tries to tell Ram about fighting for custody for Pihu but Ram denies. Meera and Sandy come for the ganesh puja where Shubham gives a office work to Sandy. Sandy finds a visiting card of a custody lawyer and thinks if Ram wants custody of Pihu.

Vedika wants to do aarti with Ram but instead Pihu steps in and makes Priya also join. After the puja, Vedika and Nandini show Ram a visiting card of the lawyer who fights for custody, they make Ram believe that Priya is hiring this lawyer. Ram is unable to beleive it.

Later, Ram sees Priya teaching Pihu from a dehradun school book. Ram wonders why will we send Pihu to Dehradun. When Ram finds Priya alone he goes and talks to Priya. Ram is surprised to know that Priya wants to tell Pihu about he being her dad.

Ram is happy to know they both are on the same page. Priya gets easily convinced not to send Pihu to Dehradun for studies. This makes Ram calm and think Priya can’t hire any lawyer for custody.

In the upcoming episodes, Krish will tell Priya about Ram trying to fight for Pihu’s sole custody. Priya will worry and think to flee away with Pihu.

A mother can always go to all extent to save her kids from trouble, surely this power will help Priya defeat Nandini. It will also depend on how long Ram takes to trust Priya for a change! Keep following this space for more updates on your favourite show!