Bade Achche Lagte Hain 2: Will Ishan be able to save Pihu?

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A shocking twist in Sony’s Bade Achche Lagte Hain. Nandini is all set to succeed in her plans in making Priya look like a villain in Pihu’s eyes. Viewers are hoping for Nandini to fail this time as well.

Earlier, we saw Ram getting shocked to know Ishan was the one who pushed Shivi. Ram was seen planning to reunite with Priya. With this, Nandini is surely seeing some defeat To increase trouble for Priya, Nandini will be seen putting her emotional blackmailing game up. Nandini will definitely try to throw more challenges on Priya.

In today’s episode, Judge thinks to give them a chance. Ram exposes Vedika and her ill intentions. Priya also brings Kanika who reveals Vedika’s plan to defame Ram. Later, Nandini shows disappointment on Ram for his decision to not punish Shivi’s real killer. Nandini gets further upset when Ram doesn’t come to convince her. Nandini starts blaming Pihu and Priya for this change in Ram.

Ram tries to rebuilt his relationship with Priya. He does a play with Pihu showing their initial moments. Priya feel overwhelmed and thinks to announce they should come back together as a family. Later, Nandini is worried about the trust fund for Pihu and how Ram will transfer all funds in that.

Vedika calms Nandini and thinks of a plan. According to the plan, Shubham plants bomb in the doll house made by Ishan while he waits for the property papers to come so that he can change the names.

Here, Priya is thinking of a surprise so that Ram also gets one amazing surprise. Brinda decides to help Priya. Pihu is scared to burn crackers so Priya and Ran helo her overcome her fears.

In the upcoming episodes, Priya will announce that she wil reunite with Ram. Pihu and Ishan will try to open the doll house when a blast will happen.

A mother can always go to all extent to save her kids from trouble, surely this power will help Priya defeat Nandini. It will also depend on how long Ram takes to trust Priya for a change! Keep following this space for more updates on your favourite show!