Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 10th August 2022 Written Update: Ishan shares his worry with Krish!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 10th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vedika seeing Krish so she leaves. Krish finds it odd. Here, Priya, Pihu and Ram celebrate Priya’s birthday and they feed cake to each other. Priya thinks all the dreams I have thought of, Ram has always fulfilled it no matter what it is, now it’s my turn.

Here, Ishan cries and hugs Krish. Ishan says how he wants to tell the truth to Ram but he fears how he will react with Priya. Krish tries to calm him but Ishan says someone else also knows about that day. Ishan shows the message to Krish. Krish gets shocked.

Here, Priya, Pihu and Ram play quize to remember the quize for interview. Priya asks what does Pihu hate? Ram says tears in Priya’s eyes. They say we all remember the answers. Ram asks Pihu to call him something nicer. Pihu says genie? What about dad? Remember we met for the first time like this. Ram remembers it. He goes out and tries to make himself that only Nandini and Shubham are his family. Pihu tells Priya how Ram is a perfect prince charming for her. Ram hears this and sees Krish’s call on Priya phone so he decides to not let Krish ruin the moment and switches off the phone.

Here, Nandini is upset when Shubham comes to talk to her. Nandini says how she is worried for Ram and Priya. Shubham asks her to chill just then she sees Tarun with a letter for Ram. Nandini takes it. She is shocked to knoe that Ram sold the 5% the gave to priya in Shubham’s business. Nandini shares the worry with Shubham and says I am sure he is getting inclined towards Priya now and if that happens then he won’t save you from police also. They worry.

Here, Ram is talking to Adi and Vikrant about giving Priya money. Adi says Priya will never take money from you. Ram says it’s for that little kid. Adi says for that kid only you two got separated and now this, don’t forget this is all a drama and we can’t see you get hurt again. Ram looks on.

Krish comes to meet Priya. He asks where were you all day, I was calling you madly. She asks what happened. He says you have switched off your phone. She says no, I was with Pihu. He says you were with Ram. She says Pihu wanted to celebrate with Ram. He says you know they are doing this for the deal. She says I know, but Ram is Pihu’s dad, you know it, why are you doing this. Krish says someone is sending threatening messages to Ishaan, Vedika came home to talk to Sara, is Vedika doing this. She says no, Nandini is doing this, I will handle this. He says you won’t handle this alone. She says you are with me. He says call me and leaves. Priya goes to Nandini.

Nandini threatens her about Ishaan. She says I got the answer now, how you left Ram, you did this so that I don’t investigate Shivi’s murder case, that would bring Ishaan’s truth out, Ishaan was a minor that time, not now, he would get punished. Priya says fine, what should you do in this situation, you should have gone to police or told the truth to Ram, but you didn’t do this, you had to threaten me, I m not surprised, I expect this from you, you are not anyone’s mum. Nandini says shut up. Priya says I have tolerated a lot. Nandini says I will tell the truth to Ram.

Priya says he will understand why I did that, I will come along, if you think Ishaan will be sent to jail, then you will also get punished for threatening me and keeping Pihu away from Ram, I m warning you, Ram has tolerated a lot, I left him so that he doesn’t remember that accident, I have raised my daughter alone, what did you do, you don’t let Ram move on. Nandini scolds her. She says you don’t know anything, I get panic attacks, I need medicines to sleep. Priya says you… Ram and Pihu come.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vedika says to Nandini that once this deal gets closed then we will take Priya out of it. Ram and Priya are in the shower where Ram shares how upset he is due to her and Krish. Priya tries to console him but Ram stops her.

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