Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 10th November 2022 Written Update: Priya challenges Nandhini to win again.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 10th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Priya pleading Krish to meet with Ram and question him the reason for his ignorance. Nandhini lies to Ram that Vedhika spoke with her crying as she is not happy with Sashi. Ram follows her worried. Prtiya keeps pestering Krish that Ram is physically fine but he has lost memory of her and Pihu. Priya finds it hard to believe and calls it a lie. Krish says that he wishes that it’s a joke but it’s not. They find Ram stopping the car for Vedhika and Priya feels upset. Ram says Vedhika that he came there for her as he care for her. Priya gets heart broken when Ram confesses that he loves Vedhika in front of her eyes. Priya finds it hard to digest it while she gets upset seeing Vedhika hugging Ram. Ram leaves with Vedhika while Priya stands crying.

Nandhini comes smiling towards Priya. She mocks Priya and Priya asks what did she do with Ram. Nandhini says that she didn’t do anything as it’s Ram himself who did that to him. She says that Ram completely forgot about Priya and Pihu. She mocks her saying that she and ram were never made for each other. She says that it’s the end of her and Ram’s relationship and throws her bag in front of her. She’s about to leave but Priya laughs out load. She taunts that she believes that she won but it’s not true. She says that Ram Amy have forgot about her but her love is always with him. Nandhini mocks her and asks Krish to take her to hospital. Priya says its her who needs treatment as from this moment she’s going to be in depression that whether Priya would return to his life or not. She reminds her that it’s Ram who forgot everything and not her. She says that she will make sure to find her way towards Ram. Priya leaves with Krish while Nnadhini fears about Priya. She decides to keep Ram as far as away from Priya.

Everyone have a hard time coaxing Pihu to eat but she leaves upset about Ram’s early behavior. Priya comes there in mask. She acts like tooth fairy and asks her not to feel sad that her father is not with her. She promises to bring back her father to her. Pihu blames herself fro Ram forgetting her. Ram’s friend gives him his mobile but Nandhini offers him new phone and convinces him. Ram feels that he forgot something. Nandhini promises to make Ram recall all the things that’s only needed for him so that he doesn’t fall sick again. She thinks that she has to keep Priya away from Ram somehow.

Pihu says that she only prayed for her mother and not her fathere which is why he forgot her. Priya asks her to do something adventurous which would be difficult but will bring back her father to her. Pihu agrees. Priya’s mother asks her to rest but Priya decides to fulfil the promise she made to Pihu. She is sure that he will again fall in love with her.Nandhini makes Ram believe that Vedhika is his true love and there is no one before or after her in his life. Ram is not ready to accept it easily and Adi asks him to take it easy.

Precap: Priya will pay Ram’s bills and will make him remember Ms. Sood. Ram will call Priya.

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