Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 11th August 2022 Written Update: Ram vents out his feelings to Priya!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 11th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Ram and Pihu showing up. Nandini is shocked. They pretend normal infront of them. Pihu says I was missing you so Ram got me here. Priya says I thought you will stay there. Here, Vikrant tries to convince Meera and Sara about telling Pihu’s truth to Ram. Sara says we can’t do that. Meera says why not? How much tests we will take of Ram? They try to convince Sara for talking to Priya.

Here, Nandini says I will miss you too Pihu, I was worried about Priya’s health. Pihu says I am also worried, when I was born she was in hospital for 2 years. Ram gives a look to Nandini so Nandini diverts the topic. Ram takes Pihu to room. Nandini threatens Priya to tell Pihu the truth. Priya says Ram won’t allow you to. Nandini says I will see about that but how will Pihu feel about the truth. Priya says why are you doing this? Nandini says to show your level to you, so don’t you dare warn me or stay more than 2 days here. Nandini goes. Priya thinks for Ram only I will have to bring out your truth infront of Ram. Here, Ram helps Pihu in making her hair. They joke and have fun. Ram styles Pihu’s hair really well so she gets happy.

Pihu asks Ram if he has a daughter? Ram says no. Pihu says then any sister? Ram becomes silent. Priya comes and says it’s so late let’s sleep. Pihu says no I am coming back after changing then I will play and talk to Ram. Priya says Pihu didn’t know. Ram says it’s okay, let her spend time with me as it is so many years I have spent with this wound when you left me. Pihu comes and says sorry this top got ruined. Priya says no issues, you accepted your mistake it’s important, and tell me one thing did you switch off my phone in the bakery? Pihu says no. Priya thinks that means Ram did it. Priya makes Pihu go to have milkshake and she also leaves.

Here, Nandini tells Vedika how Priya got to know that she is threatening Ishan. Vedika smirks and says we will make Priya exit our lives. Nandini says do it fast, I am not getting a good feeling. Vedika says we will tell Pihu about Priya in jail, we will handle Ram. Here, Ram comes to washroom to tell Priya about he being the one switching off the phone. Priya thinks not to react. Ram says Krish must have complained you, and Krish always intervenes in the moments. Priya asks why didn’t you want that? Ram says let’s prepare for interview. Priya says yes I know it’s for a deal.

Ram says it’s equally difficulty for me seeing Pihu who is the sign of you cheating me and then I remember Shivi, that moment I am reliving for past 7 days so much. Priya says I am sorry for becoming a pain. Ram says you can’t leave saying just sorry. The shower gets on. Ram says I feel broken when I see Krish with you and how I feel I am your ex, I lived in hell from so long, you don’t know what my life has become. Ram gets emotional and cries. Priya also cries. They remember their past moments together.

Priya says I am really sorry. Ram says for what are you sorry? Are you really sorry? Do you think what you did was right? Tell me? I feel what you did was wrong that is why I hate you, so I don’t think you are doing me a big favor as I deserve it. Priya says tell me anything you want but don’t cry. Priya is about to wipe his tears but Ram stops him. Pihu says you are enjoying without me? You fulfilled my wish of rain yay! Ram goes saying good night. Priya looks on. Next day, Ram greets Priya good morning. Pihu feeds Ram saying you will forget to eat. They feed each other when Nandini and Priya look at them. Priya comes and asks Pihu if she took her medicines. Pihu says I am taking. Pihu asks Ram if he took? Ram says I always remember. Priya says Pihu always forgets. Pihu says even Nandini forgets. Ram says yes, mom did you have the medicine? Nandini looks on.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nandini goes to her doctor so Priya decides to follow. Later, everyone enjoys Sara’s bachelorette.

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