Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 12th May 2022 Written Update: Priya locates a missing Ram!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 12th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Adi, Krish and Priya trying to find Ram. Adi says Meera is with Nandini but Ram is alone. Sara asks Nandini to calm down and how Akki is handling things there. Nandini asks Meera how she felt when Mahender cheated her? Meera says Virender didn’t cheat you. Nandini says I know but listening to such words are making ne feeling so bad. Just then Varun comes and Sara asks about Medication. Varun says what? Sara says Ishan said you went to bring medicines for Priya. Varun says but with Ram missing, I got busy. Nandini worries for Ram.

Adi, Krish and Priya find Ram no where. Krish says Ram left the place in CCTV. Adi says I want to find that Santosh and punish him. Adi says Santosh was saying wrong about Virender, uncle wasn’t such, really. Krish says Ram would be believing Santosh now. Priya says I think I will tell Ram about my kidnapping. Adi says what? Krish says but it might upset Ram more. Adi looks on confused. Priya says that accident spot is near, right, give me the details, I have to go there and talk to Ram, I don’t want anyone to see Ram falling weak. Krish asks what do you think. She says I will tell the truth to Ram. Krish says someone is helping Shashi, whatever happened is good. Shashi and Varun ask Santosh to leave. Santosh says you made me lie. Shashi says you know I have your family captive, I m leaving them, don’t change your mind. He leaves Santosh. Shashi and Varun talk about Ram. Shashi says as far as I know Ram, he must have been very hurt and now will never dig into this. Varun says are you sure? Shashi says yes.

Ram is driving the car and thinking about past event with his dad how he always fullfilled all his wishes. Ram thinks was dad really wrong? Ram remembers Nandini crying after Virender died and Ram supported her. Ram asks did you choose a wrong path to fulfil my wishes, was Santosh saying the truth, I want my answers.

Ram stops the car and stands in the accident spot and thinks of that day. Just then Priya comes from a cab and comes near Ram. Ram says you must be upset with me for running away? Priya says I understand you wanted time for yourself and talk to yourself but yes I am bit upset as I got worried. Ram says I don’t understand who is true, if Santosh said the truth. Ram says my dad was not like that I know him Priya. Priya says I know, don’t listen to Santosh. Ram says then why is Santosh saying that? I know I should have stayed back as mom would also be worrying. Priya says please calm down, I know your dad was good, I know something you don’t know. Priya thinks I need to tell you about my kidnapping. Ram says what? Priya faints while Ram holds her and worries.

Later, everyone is back in Kapoor mansion. Doctor asks Ram to let Priya rest or else her condition will worsen. Doctor goes while Meera says let me take Priya home and take care of it. Ram says no it’s okay. Nandini comes and tells Ram your dad was called a criminal and you vanished. Ram is shocked. Nandini asks Meera and Sara for sometime alone. Meera and Sara go while Nandini scolds Ram for not being there for them and being with Priya at time like this too. Nandini says we had no one with me, I understand Priya is unwell but how can you leave us alone in such situation, should we think we don’t have you with us now? Shubham looks on. Ram is silent. Here, Meera tells Priya how Ram was unable to build the balance on first day only. Sara suggests Priya to come with them and let Ram stay with Nandini for sometime.

Episode ends.

Precap – Priya tells Ram about her kidnapping. Ram gets angry on Priya and later gets upset knowing Krish knew. Ram alleges Krish to like Priya.

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