Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 12th September 2022 Written Update: Priya challenges Nandini

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 12th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pihu sharing with Ram that everything will be fine when they were together. She only needs them with her. Ram says to Pihu that he doesn’t feel good when she is crying. Pihu asks him Is it true? He nods with her. Vedhika thinks that she talked like that to provoke him but everything went reverse here. Meanwhile, Ram takes Priya and Pihu to home. Nandini pretends like welcome Priya and Pihu. Tharun says to her that Pihu is scared because of Vedhika. She is the reason for her state. Vedhika leaves from there. Nandini takes arathi to Pihu. She pretends like apologize to Priya for not take good care on Pihu. She fails to take care of her. Pihu asks her to stop apologize to her. Nandini tells her that she will stop taking medicine hereafter because she is her medicine. Pihu tells her that she is so sweet. Ram reveals to her that Priya will stay with them hereafter.

Later, Pihu apologize to Ram for ruined his adventures plan. He shares with her that he planned everything to see her excited. He is planning this adventures to see her happiness. He doesn’t know what’s she like or not? According to him Pihu’s happiness is important to him. He will do anything for her happiness. Pihu shares with him that he doesn’t look when he is sad. She asks him to smile always. Ram asks her to promise him that she won’t leave home like this. She promised to him. Later, Nandini demands Priya to stay in outhouse. Is she think that she will accept her back when she returns to home? She shares with her that she let Pihu to stay in home because she is Ram’s blood. She demands her to pack her things and leave. If she again play like this she won’t stay quiet. She will reveal her truth to everyone then she will be in jail. What will be Pihu’s future afterwards? Priya asks her to stop blackmailing her using this. She adds that she won’t stoop low like Nandini to use their kids for their selfishness. She understands how much it pains when out kids away from them. She is aware of it that it’s not her mistake but hers. Hereafter she won’t stay quiet or forgive any mistakes of them.

She won’t stay quiet when they plans to separate her daughter from her. She loves her daughter a lot. Nandini tells her that she is threatening her finally. She talks with Priya in threatening tone by bringing her past. She accused her that she done that mistake not her. If she reveals the truth to her husband then it’s will be good for him. Priya shares with her that she is not doing it not to hurt her. She lost her happiness and life because of her. She alerts her that one day her truth will be out. Her lies will be exposed. Nandini tells her that she will separate her daughter from her. What she will do? Pihu and Ram brings Ganesh idol there. They leaves to place it out. Priya tells her that her time will get worst after Ganesh pooja. Because God is on her side.

Later, Pihu shares with Priya about her expectations. Priya thinks that Pihu may be have many questions with her to ask her. Why didn’t she revealed to her about her father? Pihu tells her that she wished to see Priya lives with Ram. Priya prays god to unite Pihu with Ram. Later Vedhika shares with Ram that he looks good now. Ram shares with her that he is happy because he got his daughter back. He couldn’t express in words to see his blood. Vedhika asks him Is he thinking that Priya will stay with him. Ram supports Priya there. Vedhika suggests him to take court help to take Custody of her. Ram clears with her that he won’t go to leagal way to get her custody. He shared with her that he wants to reveal his relationship status with Pihu. Pihu noticed Vedhika hugging Ram. She disappointed to see her there. Ram praised Pihu’s dress. She removed the gift from Ram’s pocket reasoning she doesn’t liked it. They plans to go out to enjoy the function. Pihu asks Priya Is he looks good? Priya praised him looking handsome. She assured him that she is not lying.

Episode end

Precap; Pihu will learns from Krish that Nandini filed custody for Pihu. He will suggest her to leave from that house.

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