Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 13th January 2023 Written Update: Priya and Lakhan bring back Swati!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 13th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Meera making Ram ready as a groom. Ram says I have already got a surprise for Priya. Ram shows her the paper and says I have named everything I have in Priya’s name. Meera says but she. Ram says I know she doesn’t want this but to save my family I want to do this. Meera starts tying his pagdi. Here, Priya says to Lakhan that Swati knows what help I need from her. Lakhan say so you were the one who made Swati go against me right? You have no right in telling me what to do. Priya thinks Ram has the same right on Swati like you. Here, Ram asks Meera to tie her gatbandhan. Just then Nandini comes and says please don’t ignore me Ram, I know I have done wrong. Nandini starts crying. Ram asks Meera if she will tie the gatbandhan. Meera says yes whatever makes my Ram happy. Nandini cries and requests Meera to convince Ram to let her tie the gatbandhan. Nandini keeps apologising saying I will not repeat this. Ram ignores. Nandini says please do consider my request and goes.

Here, Priya tells Lakhan how Swati is needed in Kapoor mansion as Ram has asthama and Swati has a remedy. Priya requests Lakhan to just tell Swati this and she will understand. Lakhan gets confused. Priya leaves. Ram thinks if Nandini was truely sorry? Ram thinks to take advise from Priya. Ram comes and knocks on Priya’s door. Sara and Brinda panick thinking what to do now? Sara says we should tell Ram the truth. Brinda says you tell. When Ram keeps on calling for Priya. Sara sends Brinda out. Brinda says you can’t meet Priya as it’s not a good shagun. Ram says but it is important I need advice. Sara gets a call so she is unable to support Brinda. Ram comes inside and asks them about Priya. They say Priya got the gift and will meet him soon. Ram gets suspicious and asks if Priya is safe? Sara says yes. Ram goes. Sara tells Brinda how a parlour aunty near Sood house told her that Priya went there and there was a guy Lakhan so Priya went to meet him. They wonder why did Priya go to meet him.

Here, Swati is waiting for the bus and wonders if really Lakhan won’t come? Swati thinks it’s for the best of Ram and Lakhan that we leave the city. Priya is brought to the mandap. Sara tells Priya she knows how she went to meet Lakhan why? Priya is silent. Priya thinks I hope Swati comes on time. Ram gets mesmerized by seeing Priya. Ram compliments Priya and how she is blushing. Sid asks Shubham if Nandini is back to create more drama. Shubham says she is here to convince Ram. Priya asks Ram what he wanted to talk about? Ram says Nandini came to apologise to me and Meera and then she requested to tie the gatbandhan, I know she did wrong but I have always considered her my mother. Priya thinks Swati has the real tight to tie the gatbandhan, I hope she reaches on time. Priya says I am sorry I was not here at the right time to help you. Ram says don’t worry I know you went to get my surprise gift, I know I wasn’t supposed to tell you but they had to tell me. Priya understands and behaves like why did Sara and Brinda say it.

Brinda makes Adi apologise. Pihu comes and says to Ram that you will get your gift if you are a good boy too. Pihu says I also got mine, uniting with my family. They all smile. Priya says you will get your gift soon. The wedding procedure proceeds. Priya thinks I hope my plan works. Swati thinks if Lakhan will select Avni over me? Maybe I am not a good mom. Just then Lakhan comes there and Swati gets happy. Swati says let’s go, it’s time of the bus. Lakhan says I am not here to go with you, I am here to take you. Lakhan says I know you don’t want to support my love, I will stay without love but I can’t let anyone die. Swati says who is dying? Lakhan says Ram, Priya said due to hawan Ram might get ill. Swati says Ram has asthama, he will need the kadha. Lakhan says how do you know Ram? How do you know he has asthama? Swati cries and says because I am his mother and a mother knows her child. Swati cries.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nandini says please let me do the gatbandhan, if Swati would have been alive she would have done it. Priya says she is alive. Everyone is shocked.

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