Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 13th September 2022 Written Update: Vedika’s plan fails as Priya and Ram come closer!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 13th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Meera coming and wish Pihu and Priya. Priya asks about Sara. Meera says Sara went to her in laws. Pihu asks about Brinda and Adi. Meera changes the topic about sweets. Shubham comes to Sandy and says I needed your help. Shubham gives a client paper to Sandy and asks her to review it now as there is a good mauhrat during the puja and I want to surprise Ram. Nandini and Vedika look on. Sandy finds a visiting card of Mr. Chaddha who is a child custody lawyer. Shubham takes the card and says Ram wanted this, I was finding this only. Shubham changes the card and gives to Ram saying he is a new client. Sandy can’t hear this but seeing Ram happy with rhe visiting card, Sandy thinks so does Ram want to separate Pihu and Priya? Pandit ji starting the ganesh puja. Ram does the aarti while everyone stands and prays.

Priya prays to god to be with her when she tells Pihu about the truth of Ram. Ram prays for always keeping Pihu together, I am ready to make peace with Priya but I want Pihu with me. Pihu prays and thanks god for bringing Priya and Ram in her life. Sandy thinks is Ram really thinking to separate Pihu and Priya? Pihu sees Vedika come to do aarti with Ram when Pihu comes and grabs the aarti first. Ram sees it and asks Vedika to step back as he wants to do the aarti with Pihu. Vedika steps back. Pihu brings Priya as well. Vedika thinks you want to challenge me? Now you will see. After the puja. Pihu takes two modaks and thinks Vedika thinks she is smart but I am smarter. Vedika is about to bring modaks for Ram when Pihu feeds modak to Ram.

Priya thinks what is going between Vedika and Ram? Pandit ji brings aarti. Priya asks Sandy to take Pihu inside and asks Pihu not to take aarti. Ram asks why? Priya says Pihu as allergy from camphor. Ram says I didn’t know, you should have told me I wouldn’t have kept this puja inside. Priya says but camphor is important for puja. Priya asks Ram to ask her before doing anything as she knows Pihu. Vedika and Nandini think Priya made our work easier.

Later, Ram is passing by when he hears Nandini telling Vedika not to put allegations without proof. Ram comes and asks what’s the matter? Vedika says I feel Ram should know. Vedika shows the card of an expensive child custody lawyer which Priya is planning to hire. Ram says I don’t think so, let me talk to Priya. Nandini says Priya won’t agree. Vedika says if Priya is hiring such an expensive lawyer then why would she do a stupidity to tell you about this. Nandini says I don’t want another daughter of this house to be lost. Ram says nothing of this sort will happen. Vedika says you should also hire someone without notifying Priya. Ram goes. Nandini and Vedika smirks.

Priya makes Pihu study and says Ram is planning to make you study in a big school and she should be prepared. Pihu comes and says please let me play first. Ram says yes let’s play. Pihu says but Priya won’t allow me. Ram says so what? Now I will need permission from her? Priya thinks I guess Ram is upset due to the aarti incident. Priya says okay go and play. Ram says thanks for the permission. Ram sees a book of a school of Dehradun. Ram thinks why does Priya want Pihu to go and study in Dehradun? Pihu asks Ram to take her from here or else Priya will change her mind. They leave.

Here, Nandini, Vedika and Shubham cheers. Vedika asks Shubham how did you convince Priya? Shubham says I just gave the brochure of Dehradun school to Priya saying Ram wants to do Pihu’s admission there and Priya can teach there too. Vedika says nice move.

Here, Ram comes and sees Priya. Ram thinks to talk to Priya about the Dehradun school and clarify things. Priya is trying to pump something when Ram comes and helps her. Priya asks Ram I wanted to ask you how to tell Pihu about you being her dad? As she will have many questions and I don’t want to complicate her life more. Ram says really? Priya says yes. Ram thinks I was worried without any reason, but why didn’t she talk to me about school? Priya says you want to be part of Pihu’s life right? As I know Pihu wants this. Ram says what about you? Priya says I want that too, you know me I don’t want to complicate anything.

Priya says I want to come up with a schedule too for Pihu where she can have time with me and you, I also think we should reveal this infront of our family and friends, this way she will have more people with her. Priya says if you can tolerate me for Pihu then you should forgive your friends too. Ram says it’s okay with me, I am glad to know we both are on same page. Ram says I also wanted to discuss one point, as my business is here and our family is here so I don’t think Pihu should study in Dehradun. Priya says sure. Ram is surprised that Priya agreed so easily.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sandy tells Krish about the visiting card. Krish confirms Priya about Ram filling a custody case for sole custody of Pihu. Priya worries and thinks to run away with Pihu.

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