Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14th July 2022 Written Update: Nandini threatens Priya using Pihu!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pihu and Ram saying we are hungry. Pihu says you are copy cat. Nandini sees it and gets upset. Priya and Pihu is about to go for breakfast when Nandini stops her and says no need of formality go in room, I will send the food. Priya says no. Nandini insists. Pihu is about to go with Priya when Nandini says you go and eat with everyone I have so many things prepared for you. Pihu says no I will go with mom. Priya says Pihu go and have breakfast with Sara. Sara takes her. Nandini takes Priya to her room.

Here, Ishan panics thinking as Sara’s marriage will happen in Kapoor mansion so Priya and Ram might not come close. Sandy asks Ishan to calm down. Ishan says we need to do something. Sandy says no, chill don’t panic. Ishan says let’s find the pandit and ask him to take out a day few weeks from today so we can buy time. Here, Nandini says if you let Pihu come near to Ram then I will do something very big. Priya says Pihu came here to say sorry to you, she had no intention to call Pihu. Nandini says just keep one thing in mind if Pihu gets close to Ram and you get close to my family then I will tell Pihu the truth where you were in those two years. Nandini goes while Priya feels bad and cries.

Later, Pandit comes and says there is no mauhrat for next two weeks. Sara says but how can Priya stay. Pihu says oh no we will have to stay for so long. Ishan says Priya maasi can stay for a week more. Priya says where there is love and trust what’s the use of Mauhrat. Ram thinks you just want to leave soon. Nandini agrees with Priya. Nandini asks Sara and Vikrant about their thoughts. Sara says I don’t mind about the mauhrat. Vikrant says even I have no issues but mom dad might want to do according to it but I sill ask them.

Later, Pihu is in Ram’s room where Ram comes with Mahender, Tarun and Pawan. Ram gives Pihu a dress saying your favourite colour is pink so here you go no one has this brand and this dress. Pihu corrects Ram when he calls the servant names. Ram gets reminded if Priya correcting him. Pihu says my favourite colour is red. Ram then tries to give balloons and cakes. Ram tries to make Pihu happy but Pihu says you are mean I don’t need any of these, you can’t be my mom’s prince charming. Ram says I was just trying to make you happy. Pihu says why? Are you my dad? You just want my mom’s help so you are saying this. Pihu goes. Priya watches this. Ram says I was just trying to make a bond with her as in 7 days interview will be there and Pihu will be asked questions too so I wanted to be friends with her. Priya goes to talk to Pihu.

Pihu cries while Priya tries to console her. Pihu says I am scared to lose you. Priya cries with Pihu and hugs her. Pihu says I don’t want to go away from you. Priya says I will never go away from you and no one can do that. Priya then tries to make Priya smile and asks Pihu what she wants to do. Pihu says cycling. Priya says okay done. Pihu gets happy and goes. Ram comes there and says cycling sounds perfect I will arrange three cycles.

Priya says just two, Pihu is not comfortable with you right now so give her time. Ram says but I thought you made the plan to make Pihu come close to me, as interview is in 7 days. Priya says you need to give her time she is upset from you, she might not come knowing you are coming. Ram says I knew it you don’t want to help me, I don’t have time. Priya says I can’t force my daughter to help you so give me and her some space. Ram says okay. Priya says Pihu is afraid of losing me so she gets sad, so let me handle it. Ram gets angry and upset.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pihu ties Ram up thinking he is hurting Priya. Priya tries to convince Pihu to open him up. Pihu asks why do you trust him? Priya says because I know him, he is my prince charming. Ram and Pihu get shocked.

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