Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 14th November 2022 Written Update: Ram’s words make Priya smile

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 12th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ram getting flashes of Priya and he doesn’t concentrate on Vedika. Vedika falls down mistakenly and leaves upset. Ram thinks who is coming into his mind again and again. He realizes Vedika is not there. He goes to talk to her near washroom. Priya looks into the mirror and cries. She says she can’t be weak as she inspires Pihu. She believes Ram will be back to her and they will live happily ever after.

Ram talks to Vedika from the other side of the door. Priya hears him being emotional. Ram says he is sorry for hurting her, he again failed to pamper her. He says they are meant to be together and they have fallen in love for the second time and it’s special. He says Vedika always complains that he doesn’t give her kerchief when she cries. Priya thinks Ram always used to give her kerchief whenever she got teary. Ram keeps on talking to Vedika and asks her to remove her hair locks from her face slightly. Priya does that. She gets delighted and Ram says he can’t wait outside the ladies washroom for long else ladies will misunderstand him. She smiles and he feels happy that Vedika laughed on his joke for the first time. He leaves giving her rose and tissue.

Priya tells Sandy that Ram was talking to her thinking she is Vedika, it happened because they are connected to each other. They will end up being together always. Pihu hears stories from Sandi and Pihu thinks she will meet her father like it happened in the the fairy tale. Ram meets Vedika and asks if she is here then who he was talking to in the washroom? Vedika says she was waiting for him outside. She sends him home saying his mother is sick. She meets Priya and warns the latter to stay away from Ram, she says she will marry him on his birthday. Priya says Vedika can’t do anything as Priya will meet her father no matter what. Vedika leaves angrily. Pihu is about to meet Ram near his house but his mother comes and says she can’t meet Ram else he will die. Priya says she doesn’t want that at all. Ram’s mother says doctor doesn’t want Priya or Pihu to meet Ram. She calls Tarun and asks him to drop Pihu home, she also tells Pihu to not tell about their conversation to anyone. Ram’s mother says she won’t let Priya Pihu come near Ram.

Pihu hides the truth from Priya and Priya thinks she has to contact Ram for Pihu’s sake. Vedika calls Sandy and tells her to arrange five PA candidates for Ram. Ram’s mother says Ram was worried for her health and it was good idea given by Vedika. Vedika says she was surprised to see Priya in the restaurant. She adds she will hire the PA for Ram and the PA will give her all the information regarding him, where he goes and whom he meets. She will control his life.

Precap – Priya dresses up as PA candidate and comes to his house in disguise.

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