Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 15th July 2022 Written Update: Pihu gets convinced by Ram!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 15th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nandini seeing Ram and Priya fight and she smirks and smiles. Nandini comes to Ram and asks what is Priya doing? Let me do something, I will beg her. Ram says no need to do it. Nandini says we need her, the way you behaved with her we need to convince her, I know you can’t forget his cheating part, but you need to let it go. Ram thinks of past moment and says I will talk to him. Ram goes. Shubham comes and blames Nandini for making Ram and Priya fight and it can end in Priya going away and I will go to jail. Shubham says already we have a challenge of Priya. Nandini says but we need to keep them apart too and Pihu being R’s daughter will be revealed and so does how you made Shivi leave that house and she died, I know you don’t want that so do what I say and never talk in this tone with me. Shubham says I am sorry. Nandini says Ram will handle Pihu.

Here, Ram shares with Adi how Pihu is giving attitude how he can’t convince her. Adi tries to calm her just then Brinda comes. Brinda says I know Adi told me about your problems but what ways you used? Ram says she doesn’t like designer dresses, or imported chocolates. Brinda says she is Priya’s daughter obviously she won’t like all this. Ram says Adi and Vikrant asked me to do this. Brinda says they are idiots, ask Sara. Ram says no one knows much about Pihu as Priya kept her away from all. Brinda says you will surely figure it out.

Here, Priya comes to Pihu and says we will go to amusement park like Pihu likes. Pihu says but just me and you not Ram. Priya says yes for sure. Pihu says but it will cost so much. Priya says no issues we will enjoy. Pawan comes with fruits so Pihu says we are going to park we don’t need this. They leave. Ram searches for Priya to tell her sorry but doesn’t find her. Priya thinks I behaved very rudely with Ram, but he is right I need to make Pihu help Ram.

Nandini tells Vedika how she trapped Priya nicely and she uses her things at right time unlike her, she is sure Priya will leave after this. Ram says who? Vedika hides the articles of Priya in jail. Nandini says Vedika was feeling bad for Priya so she was telling her that Priya will leave and everything will be normal. Ram says yes. Ram asks about Priya. Nandini says she must br out but didn’t she return it’s late. Pawan comes and informs Ram Priya and Pihu left for amusement park. Ram hears the rain so he thinks to go and pick them. Ram goes.

Nandini is relieved that Ram went and didn’t listen to anything else. Vedika thinks I know this is not enough to keep Priya away from Ram, I will do something. Here, Priya and Pihu are sad seeing the park closed and it’s raining. Priya says how they won’t be able to go now nor cycle. Pihu says now what? Just then Ram comes with his car and says let’s go it’s raining heavily. Pihu says we don’t need your help.

Ram sends the weather report to Priya. Priya asks Pihu to come to car. Pihu says you said na no forcing so we won’t go. Ram thinks these both are so stubborn. Ram tries to irritate Pihu with horn noises so she comes then he says he knows the owner so they can go inside. Pihu says the rides will be closed so what’s the use. Ram is out of ideas to convince her. Then Ram says okay you stay there and Priya will fall more ill. Pihu asks Priya to go and sit. Priya says no not without you it’s our day out, it’s okay I will have bitter medicines when I fall ill. Pihu says no, let’s go. They go in the car. Before Ram could avoid Pihu’s wet feet on seat, Pihu already keeps it and calls rain beautiful. Ram gets upset but controls himself.

In the office, Adi calls Sandy for work. Sandy comes and asks for Vikrant. Vikrant comes and says we will all go to Meerut, I have done all arrangements.

Here, Ram and Priya both think how to say sorry. Priya thinks how she took out Nandini’s anger on Ram as she got scared, she wanted Pihu and Ram to get close. Just then, the rain stops so Ram decides to take Pihu to park. Priya remembers Nandini’s words so she goes and picks Pihu saying I can handle. Ram looks on.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pihu ties up Ram while Priya tells Pihu how she trusts him because Ram is her prince charming.

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