Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 15th November 2022 Written Update: Vedhika and Nandhini meets with Ram.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 15th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sandy shortlisting candidates for the post of secretary. She says that Vedhika wants to keep watch on Ram and update about her. Priya recalls the time when she acted as Ram’s PA once. Sandy and Priya gets an idea a t the same time. Ram recalls consoling the woman in the washroom and is deeply affected by her. Ram gets flowers and he thinks it’s from Vedhika. Vedhika texts Ram who thanks her for the lilies. Vedhika has no clue about it and wonders if it’s sent by Priya. Ram wonders who sent it. Priya finds Sandy struggling with wigs and asks about it. Sandy asks her to choose a look so that she could attend the interview for Ram’s Pa. Priya is confused and Sandy leaves asking her to take her time to decide. She recalls Ram pleading her to not leave him at any cost as he can’t live without her and Pihu.

Ram calls Priya and scolds her for not picking the call. Priya says that it’s him who forgets to keep cash for his medicine and in return he’s also scolding her. Ram apologizes her and wants to return the money and Priya agrees to meet him. Nandhini comes to Ram and finds him busy. She suggests to spend time with Vedhika but Ram says he has meeting. Nandhini agrees and leaves while Ram wonders why did he lie about the meeting. Sandy is making preparations for meeting while Priya is getting dressed in a different attire. Shuham comes to Sandy and warns her to not outsmart Nandhinia nd Vedhika in order to keep her job. Sandy controls herself. Vedhika spots Sandy texting Priya about the meeting and she alerts Nandhini too. Nandhini says that she has another plan. Priya comes to Krish who laughs at her for her outfit. Priya says that she don’t have another chance to come close to Ram. Pihu hears their talks.

Ram is in meeting with Sandy, Vedhika and Shubham. Shubham introduces Sandy as newly hired person and she explains about a project which could create problem for fisherman . she says that they would protest as it could affect their livelihood. Vedhika and Shubham doesn’t mind it but Ram considers their situation. By mistake, Sandy clicks Shivi’s picture and Ram starts asking for Shivi as he didn’t meet her from the time of his accident. Vedhika makes him speak with Nandhini who lies that Shivi is doing Jewellery design course in US on his insistence. Ram agrees and cuts the call while Vedhika calls Sandy out. Ram meets with Priya in café and speaks about Shivi. NAnadhini lashes out at Sandy for not caring about Ram’s mental conditions. She terminates Sandy.

Precap : Priya fights with Ram as their relationship started with a fight. Ram helps Pihu who falls down and calls her beta.

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